Begging Letter


My Darling B


I miss you as soon as you leave.  I hear your tread on the stairs and the slam of the door and already I’m desolate with longing.  Your cum is still dribbling out of my pussy, making my fleshy folds wet and sticky, and yet I’m longing for you.


I lie in the tangled sheets, trying to track down the faintest hint of your aftershave (on the pillows perhaps). I pull and drag at my nipples with pincer-like fingers,  an attempt to recreate the ache of desire you put in them.  Bolts of sensation shoot down to my cunt, still gaping and stretched from our fucking, and I yearn to feel your cock between my thighs again, slamming into me.  I like it rough (I deserve it rough, I am your whore, your concubine, ready to be fucked or used to please you at a moment’s notice).


My hand trails down between my legs, roaming over my mons and the tops of my thighs, my bare, smooth skin is chafed and reddened by your stubble since you pleasured me with your talented tongue.  Oh B – I turn to liquid once more as I remember the feel of your lips, teeth and tongue as you teased me to orgasm, while looking up at me with your startling blue eyes.  I could drown in your gaze, you pin me with it, and I’m trapped like a butterfly in a display.


I spread my legs wide, as if you were forcing me;  you’ve taught me to like it rough, to crave your discipline.  I grasp the glass dildo you bought me, swiftly, sharply I bury it in my cunt. I want that sharp intake of breath and the zing of my g-spot being skewered that you give me with your first decisive thrust.  I grunt and thrust again, not caring how I’m stretched or bruised, your little fuck toy is missing you, it wants sex, but how can it ever enjoy it unless it’s you doing the fucking?  


Despite my plan to punish myself with the dildo, I’m starting to enjoy the relentless thrusting, the sawing in and out.  I look at the column of glass gliding in and out of my shockingly red cunt lips, it’s glossy and reflective, smeared with globs of cream pie from my leaking hole.  I’m such a dirty girl, but you love that about me, don’t you B?


You love it when I get down on my knees and open my mouth wide for your throbbing member, you look down on me while I suck on you.  Sometimes I suck and lick at you til you cum, but mostly I do it to get you revved up to stick your dick somewhere else naughty.  You like my a-hole don’t you?  You love that I get it ready for you, wearing that jewel decorated butt plug you bought me, and lubing myself up to welcome you into my tight, secret space.


I always wear the underwear you bought me – a lacy teddy and thong knickers with hold-ups.  You can clearly see my nipples and pussy through the sheer fabric and your eyes burn over me like lasers.  When I’ve sucked you to a state of excitement you bend me over the arm of the sofa or the end of the bed and you pull the thong aside, the plug twinkles at you, inviting you to plunder my secret depths.  Oh the bliss, my darling B, the stretch as the plug is removed, delightful! But the thrill as I feel the press of the head of your cock against my dark rosebud surpasses it!   Plough it into me, I silently beg, push it in I coax (by spreading my peachy ass cheeks with my hands).
And then I am rewarded by the burning fire of your cock inside me, in my tightest hole, thrusting steadily but surely, making me squeal with excitement.   I would press back to you, arching into your thrusts, loving your penetration, you owning my ass!


I keep fucking myself with the glass dildo, my pleasure mounting, inflamed by memories of you darling B, fucking me until you pump your seed into my ass.  I’m always yours to take pleasure from and I continue to throb with desire, wanting you to use me more.  And you do!  


Sometimes you spank me, and I love it!  I always moan, “No, no, please I beg you, I’ll be good!” but it’s all in play.  I wouldn’t want you to stop, I want you to spank me more: faster, harder (closer to my pussy).  If it’s wrong, I don’t want to do the right thing!  The hotter my bum gets from your open handed blows, the wetter and more swollen my cunt always becomes.  You spank me for getting fucked in my arse, (I sob that I didn’t know it was wrong), you spank more for letting the cum dribble out, (my tearstained plea – I can’t help it) and then you gradually begin to stroke me, to soothe my burning ass cheeks.


My swollen pussy can’t wait much longer, it throbs with frustration and lust when I feel one finger slide in, and out, my ecstasy begins to climb. Two digits penetrate me and I am melting like a ice cream on a hot day, three fingers pump into me and I being to pant, 4 fingers piston in and out, letting the junction with your thumb bump on my yearning clit – then I’m coming! I throb and pulse and my juices dribble copiously over your hand, but you don’t stop, never stop!  You keep fucking at my hungry, pulsing hole with your hand ‘till I feel another climax wash over me before the first has died away, the big waves breaking over the smaller waves until my insides turn to mush and my body is weak.


The glass dildo and my memories have turned me to mush too!  Clear strings of my love juice mix with leaking cum, while my torso twitches hard, an aching, angry throb of tension and frustration that you are not here.  


My darling B, I await your next visit, playing with myself and thinking of you, always keeping myself ready and poised to please you.   When you walk through that door all will be picture perfect: clean sheets, calm surroundings and fresh, fragrant me; attendant your every whim, dressed to tease and ready to please.


Always yours – A


3 thoughts on “Begging Letter”

  1. That is a very well-written, titillating read!

    It's incredibly easy to feel the passion the writer has, and the reader can only wish to either be B, or have someone want them in the same way.

    What's the latest saying these days? Find yourself someone who looks at you like this or that?

    Never mind that. Find yourself someone who writes to B like A does.

    Awesome stuff Posy!

    (David aka sds195)

  2. Thank you SDS195 – I cherish your response because it means I did my job well. A is an intense woman and B is obviously her world. I agree, if someone wrote me a letter like this I would feel adored and appreciated and filled with lust.

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