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Just a Quickie

As Victoria ascended the stairs in the trendy wine bar she felt slightly giddy and unsteady on her feet. She’d had enough Bacardi and cokes for her head to be spinning and the edges of her world to be blurry – in a good way!  To add to that buzz Toby from HR – six foot and scandi-blonde – had been paying her a lot of attention,  leaning in close to hear what she said in the crush of after-work drinkers.  She knew he’d been gazing at the shadowy curves of her cleavage and she’d felt a   delight as his warm thigh pressed against hers as they talked.

Up in the girls’ toilets, which had a strange industrial look, she slipped into a cubicle and felt her phone vibrate against her left breast, where she’d tucked it in her bra.  Mmm, nice!  She slipped her hand inside the satin fabric and fished it out:  Mason!

“Hi Foxy, wondering what you’re up to XXXX”

“In the Vine, farewell party for someone in IT.  With Toby XX”

She knew that would bug Mason a bit, when he’d worked with them 4 months ago, there had been competitive banter between the 2 young men, Victoria had felt deliciously in the middle of it all, as if she was the prize!

“Victoria, what are you wearing? I bet you look hot.”
Her fingers flew over the keyboard as she answered him, more flirtatiously than she would normally, caution thrown to the wind by drink and male attention.  Sexting with Mason made her panties damp and her nipples hard, yet it felt ‘unreal’ because he was far away, in Aberdeen. When she carefully descended the steep staircase in her high heels, she felt Toby’s burning gaze on her slim legs in her tailored short skirt.

“You took your time!  I got you another!”  Toby’s smile was wide as he held up Bacardi and coke, with its ice clinking.
Victoria sidled into the booth next to him and smiled her thanks.  “I was texting Mason.”
“D’you talk to him often?” Toby asked, trying to sound detached.
“Quite often, mostly when he’s bored, or drunk.”  Victoria shrugged, under no illusions that she was a text version of a booty call for Mason, yet she was hooked on the high from his constant attention.
“Well, he’s a lucky guy,” Toby answered taking a gulp of his drink.
“It’s only banter,” she soothed, gazing deep into his eyes and leaning close, touching her upper lip with the tip of her tongue. The peaks of her nipples tingled and tightened as she looked at the flecks of colour in his blue/green eyes.  She wanted him to kiss her, to plunder her mouth with his tongue and let his large hands roam over her breasts, pulling her against his crotch with grasping hands under her buttocks.

Toby seemed transfixed by her lips, and tension hung in the air.  Victoria was barely aware that their table was empty now, just the two of them sitting close together surrounded by glasses and straws and wet pools of spilt drinks.  The bar was still busy and people raised their voices to make themselves heard.

“He asked me what I was wearing,” Victoria moved her hand under the table, stroking Toby’s thigh, which was taut and muscled.

“What did you say?”  Toby’s voice was husky.
“I told him my blouse was see-through.”
“It is,” Toby observed, his hungry eyes on the globes of white flesh bulging at the plunge of her push-up bra.  She sensed his arousal growing under her hand, straining against his trousers.
“I described my skirt as short and tight,”
“Your arse looks peachy,” Toby breathed appreciatively.
Victoria leaned in very close, her lips so close to his ear that it tickled pleasantly deep in his groin when she whispered “I’m not wearing any knickers.”
On that bombshell, Victoria sat back and looked at Toby with what she hoped was invitation written on her face, there was a heavy ache in her lower abdomen and her pussy and thighs were becoming slippery with her growing arousal.

There was a ‘ping’ sound, accompanied by a vibration, and Victoria knew Mason had texted her back.  She broke her gaze to take out her phone and look at the screen.

“I’d like to lick and suck your juicy lips until you beg me to skewer you with my cock.” Mason’s blunt and raw text made her pussy throb with desire.

“What’s he said?” Toby’s voice was harsh with desire and jealousy.
Victoria tucked her phone in Toby’s breast pocket, but not before pressing send on a photo she’d taken in the ladies’.
Toby’s phone received a text, but he continued to look at her with feverish eyes and a bulge in his trousers, now too big to disguise.
“Check your phone,” she urged him, biting her finger suggestively.

Toby pulled out his mobile and tapped in his passcode.  As he touched the screen to open the message his eyes widened with surprise, then he checked over his shoulder to be sure he wasn’t overlooked.  When he looked again at the image, Victoria squirmed in her seat.  She knew he was looking at a photo of her pussy, taken as she stroked its swollen lips, parting them a little to display the hood of her clit.  There was no hair on her labia, she’d had it waxed away earlier that week (she still loved to relish the peachy feel of the skin now her pubes were gone).  She had previously sent the image to Mason to tease him, and from his recent message, it had worked!  But here and now she wanted to have Toby fuck her senseless, and from the expression on his face she was pretty sure that he wanted the same.

“C’mon stud!”   She stood up and leaned down to him, “let’s find somewhere private.”
Toby didn’t need telling twice, he lowered his glass with a bang and slid his phone back into his jacket pocket.  As they wove their way amongst the crush of people, she let her hips swing, hoping he was watching her arse as she walked.

Out on the high street, the fresh air hit them and cleared their heads a bit, but their intention didn’t change.  Toby took her hand and led the way to his hotel.  Victoria waited while he collected his key from the front reception desk.  As they took the narrow stairs to the first floor, Toby couldn’t resist reaching under the hem of her skirt and groping handfuls of her bare bottom.  Victoria was delighted, laughter gurgling in her throat, knowing he’d felt the wetness gathering at her pussy, her heightened arousal was very evident.

Once in the privacy of Toby’s room, he pressed her against the wall, kissing her long and hard, his tongue probing into her mouth while his fingers did the same to her cunt.  He hitched her leg up and she curled it round his thigh and he buried two fingers deep into the heat and wetness of her pulsing hole.  

Victoria moaned into his mouth, loving how his long fingers stroked and massaged her and how wanton it felt to be getting felt up while still fully clothed.  She’d always felt proud of how copiously wet she got and on many occasions had savoured the spicy smell and taste of her pussy juices.  When she was wet the folds of her cunt felt silky and strokably smooth.   Toby was teasing her exactly the way she liked, firmly, alternating between thrusting two or three fingers inside her and rubbing and teasing around her labia and clitoris.

She pulled at the buttons of her blouse, and once she’d released the clasp at the front of her bra she began to pinch and pull at her nipples, chafing and teasing them til they were engorged with blood and sensitive to the slightest sensation.  Toby manhandled her towards the bed where she sank into its softness, pulling her skirt up to display herself.

“C’mon Toby, show me your cock.” She pouted,continuing to pull at her nipples, dipping a finger into her pussy and coating each puckered stalk with her tangy juices.  When Toby sucked on them he would taste her, and she longed for him to lick her nipples and draw them deep into his mouth.

Toby dragged his belt from his trousers and unfastened his flies.  An impressive bulge strained at his jersey boxers, and Victoria felt a throb of desire between her legs.  As his trousers slid down his legs she saw the muscles in his thighs bulge, Toby went to the gym regularly, and his dedication showed!  Unbuttoning his shirt she feasted her eyes on the further fruits of his gym work, his pectorals and abs were nicely defined while his skin was smooth and pale.

Victoria reached behind to unfasten her skirt and Toby dragged it down her legs and threw it aside.  He knelt at the foot of the bed and held her thighs apart, she felt his warm breath on her clitoris, then he began to lick and suck and tease her with his tongue, it was delightful and she squirmed with pleasure.  Heat built between her legs and she alternated between wanting to grind down, pressing her buttocks into the bed and straining up towards his face, tightening the muscles around her cunt and wishing she could extend her clit for maximum sucking attention.

Toby began to finger fuck her again, her arousal making her move with more abandon, her head thrashed side to side, then he raised himself up her body and began to punish her nipples with the sucking and licking she’d enjoyed around her clitoris.

Victoria could feel the pressure building within her, the start of the climb towards a sweeping orgasm.  “Fuck me!” She urged, reaching up to pinch at Toby’s nipples.  “Stick it in me, I want it all now!  Her arousal was building and she wanted to feel full, stretched around the thickness of his cock.

Toby reached down and used his hand to hold the head of his penis at her entrance, teasing her clitoris with the engorged glans.  Victoria brought her legs up and clasped them around his buttocks and behind his back, so when Toby slid his cock inside her, it was a rush of filling, stretching sensation, and his subsequent thrusts stimulated her g-spot.

As Toby stroked in, Victoria thrust up and his girth caused a delicious friction, she felt impaled and dominated in the most satisfying way.  She groaned with mounting desire and begged him to fuck her harder and faster, chafing his nipples with one hand while simultaneously rubbing her clit with the other, while her orgasm made her pussy to throb with vice-like strength.

Toby pumped at Victoria, speeding up his strokes as they came together, gasping out their elation and release while waves of orgasm broke over them, lifting them to heights of pleasure and throbs as they climaxed.

As they got their breath back, and the sweat cooled on Toby’s back, he lowered himself down off his elbows, and moved to one side.  Victoria brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked at Toby seriously.

“Is this going to be weird at work?”
“It’s going to be hard looking at you in your tight skirts to forget I know exactly what’s underneath.”  He smiled at her, “but we can keep things business-like.”
“I think we should,” she smiled back, “until the next time.”

Victoria rolled off the bed and began to put her outfit back together again.  She reached into Toby’s jacket pocket and snagged her phone, “Mustn’t forget this!” she said with a wink.  “Thanks for the quickie,” she told him, kissing  him briefly on the lips, before leaving, closing the hotel door softly behind her

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  1. Telugu1


    Bloody Hell Posy !!!!
    What a re-entrance 🙂
    I love this X
    Will vote for you as soon as it opens tomorrow

  2. Reply

    Thanks Telugu1 – my mojo is back! (was a bit worried myself after my vacation away) so glad you like it … a touch more vanilla than most of my stories.

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