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This was one of my earliest posts, but it fits exactly with this week’s Food for Thought Friday

Can you remember your earliest memories relating to sex?
I always imagined that people didn’t really have sex fantasies until they hit puberty, because the body wasn’t ready to act on them until that point. But now I think we may have them earlier but don’t process them as being sexual, or not until we look back because we wonder where our ‘kinks’ came from.
When I wrote the erotic tale ‘Fine Day for a Picnic‘ I was inspired by my early experience of getting a thrill from being tied up.  I’d found the idea exciting since I was really young, around the same time that I loved watching the Scooby-Doo cartoon. I loved that show, not just being scared by the ghosts and monsters that they tracked down and chased. I longed to be Daphne. Not Velma who was clever and great friends with Shaggy and Scooby, but over-feminized Daphne, simply because she was always the one taken captive and tied up, used as bait until the rest of the gang rescued her.
In these scenarios the total vulnerability appealed to me,


Later in life I found the idea of bound helplessness continued to appeal, especially the way it was portrayed in films:
In the plots to these films, capturing the female character is usually a vehicle for the villain to lure the hero into his clutches or make him more vulnerable. But to me, a helpless girl under threat of being ravished against her will is tantalising. To be unbiased, the heroes being tied up gives me a sexual frisson too!

I can’t think why it took me so long to realise bondage was my kink, when I reflect on what I have got a thrill from watching over the years.  Spanking and whipping is often a theme of period dramas, and the link with this and the ‘non-consent’ scenarios began to make fantasies blossom in my head as puberty sent hormones racing round my body.  I love the series ‘Outlander‘ (books & now dramatized on Amazon Prime/Starz). I was recently inspired to write by a scene where Jaimie Fraser punishes his wife for putting the rest of the clan’s lives  in danger by her disobedience.  He pulls up her skirts and delivers a spanking, using a bunch of nettles to make the punishment more memorable. The scene was described with eroticism and was thrillingly portrayed.


Much is made of the “sexism” in the portrayal of supporting women in the films back in the sixties and seventies. I don’t doubt that in those less PC days (when most people kept their perversions quiet) the film makers knew they were giving the audience illicit thrills by portraying strong, dominant male heroes and villains who used threat and restraint to take what pleasure they wanted from the helpless female characters.  Oh the flimsy, easily torn, costumes, the bodices laced tightly so they pushed breasts up like ripe fruit! How I longed to be dressed like that, to feel the burning gaze of a lust-filled rascal rake over my trembling body.


Are we sure ladies got the vapours?  Might they not have been getting turned on (but embarrassed about) the passion they felt in their loins?  Maybe it was a plan, they wanted to be picked up and carried to a chaise longue by a handsome fellow in tight britches once they had swooned!!

In my twenties I discovered The Rocky Horror Picture Show, it already had a ‘cult’ following at this point and I was incredibly impressed with the costumes. I’ve made no secret of how much I enjoy basques, stockings and suspenders, but seeing Tim Curry wearing a basque, women’s underwear and lipstick with attitude blew my mind. He behaves in a sexually predatory way, he is equally attracted to males and females, there were a lot of exciting concepts for me to embrace. It has fostered in me a strong love of fit looking guys who’re just about contained in their pretty ladies’ underwear.

I’d love to hear which big screen scenes grabbed your attention from pre-pubescence to now and whether you think it affected or triggered your kinks, please comment & share, you might give me and my Dark Darlings something new films to whack off to!


For a later blog, perhaps I should get thinking about the strong female roles which may have inspired ‘Dominatrix’ kinks in some of us – Mrs Emma Peel (lots of leather!)

Xena Warrior Princess (less clothes, rather leather straps and armour) and Lara Croft … there are many more to conjure with and I look forward to your suggestions in the comments.

Click the #f4tF link to see who else is on their soapbox about movies.

10 thoughts on “Girls on Film”

  1. Hi Posy! I'm happy to be a dark darling. Your blog got me thinking – I have a bit of a vampire "thing" – it isn't a kink per-se but I love to have my neck bitten! One film which may have set me on this path has Grace Jones as a stripper/performer in a peep show & she turns vampire while doing a private dance- I think it's called Lair of the White Worm.

    I (of course) have the full box set of True Blood – Gotta love Pam, the Dominatirix Lesbian Vamper!

  2. I seem to remember that Ross (from Friends) fantasised about Princess Leia in her slave-girl outfit too! Tony Curtis made an impression on me, dressed in just a loincloth, in Vikings – that's surely an erotic classic! Keep blogging Posy, you tell it like it is.

  3. Another good blog post Posy. I hadn't heard about Barb Wire opening scene – but it's on my "watch list" now lol.
    Keep blogging X

  4. Yes a perfect fit for this week’s prompt 🙂 I’m was also a fan of Rocky Horror, sooo much to enjoy in that movie. I think it’s fascinating how it’s only later in life that we begin to see a link between why we enjoyed certain things in movies and what we know we enjoy in the bedroom (or any other rooms for that matter) as adults. Great post Posy and I’m so pleased you brought it to our attention for #F4TFriday x

  5. Wow this could have been written for the prompt now not a few years ago – I have similar influences to you for sure but wont give too much away as got to sort my post. Very entertaining Posy x

  6. Oh yes, I wanted to be Daphne, too. As you say, looking back you make connections with images and scenes from formative years when you didn’t know why they appealed. Only later will you blush a bit and say “oh yeah”.

    The female being lured and captured by the villain was a trope that stirred all sorts of feelings from long before I could understand them. Pre-teen I adored the Fu Manchu books by Sax Rohmer for exactly the same reasons without knowing why. The feelings stirred in spades when the daughter of Fu Manchu was introduced who could enslave men and women with her hypnotic eyes – took me nearly 40 years to work that one out as part of my kink life.

    melody xx

    1. Ohhhh Yes to all you say melody! I haven’t read the books, but the Fu Manchu films used to make me feel fascinated in a way I didn’t understand. Your comment has made given me an ‘oh yeah’ moment!

  7. Some great observations here. I never realised until I read your list of heroines in bondage how much they fuelled the same fantasies in me. All of those you mentioned, I share, as well as a sexual fantasy about being tied to a railway track by a dastardly villain. I’m thinking it probably came from an old Wacky Races cartoon or something – Penelope Pitstop maybe? Even now that gets my blood pumping- ropes and bondage, peril, sexy hero on the way. It’s got it all!!

    1. Oh Jupiter thank you. The more we read each other’s work, the more I think we have the same book open at the same page. Penelope Pitstop – she was quite the ‘southern belle’! Loved Wacky Races! I’m racking my brains to think of other tied to the railway track scenarios.

  8. Lots of good memories in this post! I think Xena was my first girl crush and for sure I was always kind of feeling the girl/girl vibe and wanted to know more!

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