Throwback Thursday – Hot July!

Rain, rain, go away ….

I am feeling bored by the rain now, in fact I’m completely over it!  I was having a lovely hot summer (my post in June is testament to that!)  but since I had my holiday in Portugal, the UK has been getting cooler and cloudier, and now its tipping with rain.  
I want to bring the scorching days and balmy nights back, I liked tanning and lazing about, and while I was on holiday I wrote a steamy erotic adventure, which I let my fellow blogger Miss Jezebella share on her site. [if you use the link below you’ll be able to read it there] – this story should bring summer back!
I hope you enjoy this erotic adventure.  In my writing I like to tantalise and tease, building up slowly to the bump and grind of the sex act, but once I get to that most physical layer, I write it as vigorous, dirty, all barriers down, where both partners can let themselves go and lose all inhibitions in the strength of  passion, the primal act which sets them free.

Please Share!

I’ve toyed with the theme of exhibitionism in the ‘picnic’ story, so now I’m wondering what sexploits my readers have got up to in the past – Please share!  I’d love you to describe what you’ve got up to [in the comments].

OR – Maybe you have something that you’re dying to try out – tell us that!  You might inspire other dark darlings to try it also!  Hey – maybe we can start a mexican wave of al fresco sexual encounters ~ where the participants might find they’ve got an audience!  (how thrilling!)

And please don’t forget to send me suggestions for my tongue-in-cheek photo feature ‘Posy Fails At …’  To date –  my depiction of the rubber fetish has been my most popular post!

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