How this Toy became Teacher’s Pet!

In March I wrote a 2-part story featuring a couple getting frisky on a weekend away in Paris.  This little prober, which is part of the ‘no frills’ range from Lovehoney, had a starring role for the bedroom action in part 2.  It is an ideal beginners toy for anal fun, and I use it as often in my solo play as when the OH and I want to have a wild time.  It doesn’t cost much [£9.99] and we’ve had so much pleasure from it that I needed to recommend it to my Dark Darlings and thought it would be fun to give a personal insight into how it can be used.  

As ever if you want to agree, disagree or share your own dark antics with toys, my readers and I would love you to comment below!

Lovehoney Basics Anal Prober 7 inch

This little ‘purple jelly’ coloured gizmo is 3 toys in 1!!  It’s made of super-smooth  plastic  (I often don’t need to use lube) which has a flex to it and of course is totally silent (as it’s a prober not a vibe)! For  these reasons it is also really easy to clean (simply immerse in water and rinse, although a spritz with sex toy cleaner or wipes is also great, especially if you’ve used it anally).
Lovehoney BASICS Anal Prober 7 Inch
My own secret joy is that I use this toy as both a dildo and for anal fun!

Be selfish!

For solo play I love to use the wider smoother end as a slim but slippery dildo to tease myself with when I am concentrating more on clitoral or nipple stimulation, yet I want to feel the delicious addition of something sliding in and out.  Sometimes I find I reach orgasm quicker if I don’t stretch and pound my pussy with something big or something which vibrates; In particular, if I’m reading erotica or watching porn to become aroused, instead of foreplay.  On such occasions I am not edging myself to a higher plateau of orgasm, rather I’m indulging in a quickie!

Be greedy!

On other occasions my partner uses the prober to double-up during stimulation of my clit and/or pussy by using the bubble shaped end, suitably lubricated.  He eases it inside my anus, one spherical bump at a time (there are 4 of them which increase in size very gradually) and as the probe is worked in and out, my sphincter muscle is teased and stimulated in a most deliciously arousing way.  I guess its no accident that this end reminds me of the love beads which are also popular for anal play,

Other couples who have reviewed this toy have used both ends for anal play, and some use this toy for dual penetration i.e. in combination with a dildo or vibrator, or during intercourse.  They report that this gives a lovely full sensation for the female while the male partners can feel the ridges of the probe through the membranes as they thrust!  I am, of course, inspired  to take my research further ASAP!

Be Generous

This jelly toy is great used on my partner anally while I give him oral or manual stimulation, taking care to ease it in very gently and with lots of lube, I alternate between stimulation of his straining cock and sensitive balls and teasing the jelly toy gradually further in before withdrawing it one sphere at a time.  My in-and out probing with it stimulates his ‘p’ spot and the combination of that and fellatio or a hand job  leads to very pleasurable orgasms for him!

Try something new

Anal sex has been a taboo area in the past for many people, but now the enlightened are finding that it enhances sex and masturbation in many different ways.  My advice is to start off gradually with small toys made of flexible material, do not jump to big, girthy, unforgiving toys too soon, as this might lead to pain instead of pleasure.

Equally importantly I’d suggest using lubricant to smooth the way for the toy.  There are lots on the market, and silicone based ones seem particularly good for anal use, but if you are at all concerned about damaging what your toy is made of/coated with, then use water-based lube.

Thirdly I’d suggest that the anal passage is cleansed before play as this will help all participants feel more relaxed.  This doesn’t have to be humiliating or clinical (unless that is your kink!) and the douches work very well, being easy to use standing in your shower or over a bath/bidet.

For men, the stimulation of their prostate gland is possible through anal play as it surrounds the neck of the bladder and the urethra.  As I’m not a guy I can’t tell you what it feels like, but I would definitely recommend discovering your ‘p’ spot for increased pleasure!

For women, the sphincter muscle throbs during orgasm, and so the presence of a prober or an anal plug at this stage increases the pleasure from the waves of her orgasm.  These are powerful throbs for sure,  the smaller butt plugs often get pushed out when I cum!  Another bonus for us girls is, with something being used anally there is a feeling of fullness, which is pleasurable in itself, but also the vaginal cavity looses some space, so we feel tighter!  Win win I say!

Take care

SAFETY: I don’t advocate transferring the probe’s use from one person to another without a thorough clean in-between.  I have never used the bulbous end of the toy anally because I prefer to keep it for vaginal use.  TIP:  clean anal-use toys with cold water instead of warm, as this prevents any taint with odour.  Let your toy air dry before storing it away for future use.

Post contains links to Lovehoney, where similar toys described can be purchased.

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  1. Ahh Posy (to praphrase the Ferrero Rocher adverts)… With this review you're really spoiling us! Not only do you recommend a really versatile toy, (which is, BTW incredible value!), you share hints and tips on the kit we'll need if we are newly venturing into this area of sexual experimentation, AND some glimpses of your bedroom action! Lovely stuff, keep it up!

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