Taking One For the Team!

A Peek into Posy’s Toy Box!

Tracey Cox Supersex USB Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10 out of 10 stars
The silicone coating, the look of it and the rechargeability,
Nothing, but some may be put off by price – don’t be!  (£44.99)
Bottom line
Does everything I need in a vibrator.

Tracey Cox Supersex USB Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

This is a very sophisticated looking vibrator, but actually very easy to use (that said – I’m still feeling my way around the vibration patterns – haven’t found my favourite yet!).
I love that it’s (USB) rechargeable. It was great to take away for a (dirty) weekend and OH could work it just fine, or delight in the visual feast of me using this dark avenger to get ready for him!  It is girthy and I feel fabulously stretched and filled when using it.  You may wish to use water based lube with it (silicone would be destructive to its silicone coating).  
The curved shape means it can easily access my G-spot and I shall be ‘doing my homework‘  diligently to learn how this area likes to be stimulated!  
Discreet packaging as always, and very good value for money. It is easy to clean with sex toy wipes or cleaner, or a rinse or the insertible portion with warm water taking care not to submerge the ‘charging’ end of the toy.
Possibly might be audible in an adjacent room. If you have kids you may want to bury it under the duvet or play music to mask the rumble & buzz!

Tracey Cox Supersex Single Silicone Toner Ball (39g)

Overall Rating:
10 out of 10 stars
I love its sleek surface, it’s silicone removal cord and the funky colour.
Bottom line
Discrete toy for solo or couples sexual experiences. Improves female muscle tone.
Tracey Cox Supersex Single Silicone Toner Ball 39g
Having already tried the jiggle balls which come in a pair (which are fun to wear for the slow tease) I wanted to get tighter and work my pelvic floor muscles so have up-graded to this pink cutie!
Don’t be worried, it’s so easy to insert with its slick shiny surface and silicone coating – I often don’t need any lube at all (perhaps I get a little excited about wearing it!). Another reassuring thing is its stretchy removal cord, which is an ideal length for wearing discreetly and simple removal when it’s all over (sigh!)
Sometimes I wear it to sit down and write my erotic short stories, I find it helps me (ahem) focus!I Also I tend to pop it in before I have a shower. I can lather away and feel it’s weighted inner ball jiggle pleasantly inside me.  
If I move vigorously (e.g. cleaning the shower… hell, let’s do the whole bathroom) I can feel the movements inside me and they feel really good. (Who knew housework could be so much fun?!)
OH has remarked on an improvement in tightness, so I’m satisfied to be getting the pelvic floor muscle workout I wanted, and the toner ball is very discreetly portable, with its white drawstring bag. Ball is easily rinsed, or you can use sex toy cleaner spray and wipe clean and dry.
Users have shared on the Lovehoney forum that having this little ball inside while being spanked is a delicious experience… Now that’s something I am determined to try.  Another trick I’ve learned since owning this toy and a wand, is that it is delicious to wear this internally and then stimulate myself externally (clit, nipples, labia – wherever you are sensitive!) with a wand vibrator – wowzers!  Who said you cant have your cake and eat it?!
Tracy’s single toner ball is now discontinued on the Lovehoney site, but there is an in-house version or a set.  The G-Spot Vibrator is also available from Lovehoney, where discrete packaging and great customer service is standard.

All opinions expressed on products mentioned in this blog are my own and unbiased.  I have purchased these products and am purely describing my opinions and experiences with these products.  Post contains shopping inks.

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