Hot Sticky Nights

It is very hot in the UK at the moment, in fact the news says we are in the midst of a heat wave!  [No shit Sherlock!!]

I have been reading Come When Called [by Piper Trace a MMF bisexual romance] on my Kindle – Powering through this hot book about the forming of a threesome, I am not really helping myself with the ‘heat’ problem!  What’s a girl to do?  I love to lie on a rug in the sun drenched garden – but it only makes me feel hotter when I’m reading about billionaires who can’t get enough and expect blow-jobs and rough, possessive sex 24-7 from beautiful sexy people contractually obliged to satisfy their every desire… no indeed! ~ That sort of content leads to this (latently submissive) reader getting a raised pulse and damp panties quickly followed by the need for some alone time and probably a cool shower!!  It is just as bad at night time, no worse probably, because I am more likely to trawl my toybox to satisfy my urges, thus more calming down is required afterwards!  Thank goodness I am not working this week.

I have also been reading quite a lot of kinky blogs recently – my network of like-minded bloggers is expanding all the time.  Initially it was people who I met over on the Lovehoney chat forum, those who gave me advice about writing erotica.  Now I am getting regular up-dates from them, and others they recommend, as they review various sex toys or blog about their diverse kinks and lifestyles.  The erotica these folk write is both classy and sexy, I have to recommend a few to you as they turn me into a hot puddle of desire, and why should I keep such erotic fodder to myself?

Try this or this or perhaps this or maybe this is more your style.  All of these guys’ writings make me strive to write better, to improve the suspense, my descriptions of the emotions and also the content, but you ought to write about what you know, so I can’t go too far out of my comfort zone.

If you do browse these blogs to enjoy the erotica they write, may I suggest you also take the time to read their sex toy reviews.  These impartial reviews are written from the heart, NO! from the practical experience of the bedroom action they’ve given each item!!  You can read a ‘fly on the wall’ descriptionof the look, feel & practicality of each item, as well as how each toy fares when used solo and/or given a couples’ workout – a far better way to decide what to buy for your toyboxes.

Trawling any selling site you will get the message that everything they sell is ‘ideal’ for you, but reviews from these guys give you the pros and cons – e.g. the lint-attracting problem with dildos made of certain types of silicone, the battery or weak vibration problems with some vibrators or advice on the suitability of a toy for beginners or the more experienced (in certain areas of ‘kink’)   Who wants to scare their partner off nipple play by buying an agonizing, weighted set of clamps when some gentle nipple suckers would have fitted the bill?

So – I point you in the direction of the Reading List on the right hand side of My Profile to see whose toy advice I’m currently taking!

Not only that but Miss Jezebella & Random Red Rose have both been blogging for 1 year now and are celebrating this milestone with some fabulous giveaways!!  So check these out and you may be a lucky winner (ooo share please!)
Happy reading my Dark Darlings!  But heed my warning that it may lead to hotter, stickier nights!!

Post contains shopping links to Lovehoney.

3 thoughts on “Hot Sticky Nights”

  1. It's always (for me anyway) fascinating to discover a new genre or even a new author of a familiar genre. This blog, dear Posy, does more than introduce new genres/authors, it allows us to both discover new ideas and reads with the added bonus that we also get to read about how it made you feel. This brings a reality to a blog that other posters sometimes seem to miss. When reading other blogs, you can sometimes forget that the blogger is a real person. With you, you invite us along for the ride. Brilliant. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Telugu1 – I am puffed up with pride at your comments. I really love writing my blog, but I do like to feel I am 'speaking' to my readers and providing a service, and from your kind remarks it seems that I am. Posy is a happy bunny!

  3. I agree with Telugu1 and I'll be visiting some of the bloggers you recommend. Some of the story links embedded in your post were dark! I like it! Also thumbs up for the picture on the previous post 😉

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