Take a Peek at Posy!

Some of you have been a little shy about leaving comments on my blog page, which is a shame as I look forward to hearing from my Dark Darlings!

One of my followers seems to always have a battle with the ‘prove you’re not a robot’ bit that the blog asks for when you have leave a comment, anonymous or otherwise.

To try to encourage you all, I have gone out on a limb as it is Fantastic Friday!

I have posted a selfie to prove to you that I am human!  I’m feeling a bit nervous about it, as I bet you each have a picture in your head of what kind of gal I am, and this may not be what you expected, but anyway, here goes.

Hope to hear from you guys very soon!

1 thought on “Take a Peek at Posy!”

  1. What can I say but WoW!
    Stunning picture, Evocative, sensual and full of promise.
    You have a stunning figure
    Thank you for sharing x

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