Let the Party Begin!! Cleaner Close #6 (a)

This story can be read by itself, or as part of the Cleaner Close series where a girl employed as a maid but discovers a secret world of BDSM, to become a willing submissive to her mysterious employer.  [Episode 1 is found here and to find each subsequent adventure, click ‘To be Continued’ at the end of each episode.]

Cleaner Close:  Part 6a

Josie carried a brown paper package as she strode up the drive, currently she wore soft warm cotton track suit bottoms and a hooded top, but once inside the house she would put on the outfit in the wrapping, which she’d taken delivery of mid-week.  Her hair and make-up would be done by Maya, and then she’d become a doll, a plaything, outside herself.   As if by wearing what the Master prescribed, submitting to his instructions on how to present herself, she left  her willpower at the door and became totally his to command.  Tonight she was required to serve drinks to the party-goers and provide the entertainment.  Guests at the party could select her as their plaything during the evening, then she would be subject to the desires and punishments of people she didn’t know.  The only thing protecting her would be her safeword ‘Deadbolt’ – which she was determined not to use.
Once upstairs in the Pleasure Zone, Josie stripped off her tracksuit and undies and unwrapped the fetish-wear outfit the Master had selected.  Her skin broke out in goosebumps with anticipation as she handled the three straps of wet-look fabric which would barely conceal her breasts and pussy.  Maya came over and stood behind her, a black silk robe covering her  outfit.
“Is this what you’re wearing tonight Josie?” her voice was soft, her warm breath tickled the back of Josie’s neck.  “Shall I help you dress?”
“Please,” Josie replied, remembering the struggle she’d had when trying it at home.
“Master wants you to wear these for the first part of the evening too.”  Josie held out a shallow black velvet box, inside was a black butt plug – considerably more bulbous than the one the Master had instructed Josie to wear at home to prepare herself for anal sex.  It curved near the tip, and the base spread out into a T-shape, so Josie wondered how different this would feel inside her.  Next to it on the black velvet was a variation on her ben-wah balls as these were joined together by a bridge and the entire device, including the removal loop, was made of black silicone. Her stomach swooped with anticipation and she felt heat and moisture gathering in her pussy.
Maya had a pump each of water based and silicone lubes, so she coated the twin spheres of the of the jiggle balls and pushed gently on Josie’s shoulder making her bend at the waist.  Josie complied obediently, standing with her legs wide apart, her smooth pussy on full display to the other girl. Nor did she disguise her soft moan of pleasure as Maya nudged at her cunt lips to sink the black silicone toy inside her, pushing deep with her cool finger until it was lodged high up in her already moist pussy.
“Like that?” Maya asked with a smile.
“Mmmm” Josie breathed, already feeling juicy and drugged with desire.
“Ready for this bad boy?” Maya stroked the head of the butt plug suggestively and Josie nodded.  
Keeping her back to the other girl Josie spread her butt cheeks, her black-painted nails looking like animal claws against her soft, pale flesh.  She heard lube being pumped out onto the silicone plug and then she felt it nestling against the tight muscles of her sphincter.  Josie breathed out and bit her bottom lip, forcing herself to relax to ease access for the plug.  She needn’t have worried, Maya allowed her other hand to creep between her legs and stroked tiny circles around her clitoris before beginning to press the helmet-shaped tip of the butt plug into her anus.  Josie’s body welcomed the stretching invasion, it was becoming so finely attuned to sex on command that her pussy throbbed in welcome and she felt a thrill from the full sensation the plug and balls together created.  Maya reluctantly stopped rubbing her clit and Josie straightened up and was helped into her suit of straps.
There was a studded choker at the neck, which had a large ring for a lead to be attached, while her breasts were restrained and almost covered by three horizontal straps which fastened at the back like a bikini would.  The central strap which ran down from the neck collar, past her navel and down between her legs was also studded and it joined onto a horizontal hip strap and 2 high-leg straps which framed her pussy like the edge of panties then became a thong at the back.  She felt like a thoro’bred wearing a complicated harness or tack.
Maya brushed her hair up in a high ponytail and applied gel to make it tight and dramatic, the smoky eye shadows she used on Josie, along with pale foundation, made her eyes look huge.  She then added two layers of mascara and a nude matte lipstick so that the air of innocence was maintained – she explained to Josie that her mascara was not waterproof but that she’d see the reason for that later.
Maya checked her watch, “Showtime!” she announced with a wicked glint in her eyes.
She shrugged off the silky robe revealing her skin-tight outfit.  It was a body made of fishnet mesh, which had a halter neck fastened by a studded collar similar to Josie’s.  It was cut high at the front, so her waxed pussy was on full display while at the back it was cinched in with a large metal clasp and at the hips it joined a thong – so the lovely globes of her buttocks could be admired.
Maya wore black PVC thigh-high boots, their spike heels made her taller than Josie, who had strappy sandals to wear, with ankle cuffs fastened by tiny padlocks.  Maya’s outfit came with a studded pair of cuffs which linked together with another large clasp, but she put these restraints on Josie’s wrists, after ensuring that she’d still be able to carry a tray.
“So tonight we pass round champagne and people admire us but don’t touch;  there will be a floor show afterwards, which we provide, initially some light S&M followed by ‘mirroring’ – this will be each of us doing what the other one does, so if I kiss your shoulder, you kiss mine, if you lick my pussy I lick yours – got it?”
Josie nodded, her imagination running riot already.  She could feel heat and a drool of juices from her pussy, which the undercarriage strap could not contain.
“This will be followed by the Master handing us over to the guest who has successfully bid for us, they will then have the use of each of us as a sex toy for the next 2 hours.”
She took Josie’s hands and looked deep into her eyes, which were still a little dreamy with early stage arousal.
“Don’t be nervous,” she said earnestly. “We’ll have a blast doing our floor show, there is a mattress on a  raised base set up in the den.  The guests at this party know you’re a novice slave so no-one will ask to do anything extreme with you, but if they did the Master would not allocate you to them.  You also have your safeword – use it if things go in a direction you’re not comfortable with. Don’t suffer, I love working with you, I don’t want you frightened off.”
Then she leaned down to place a gentle kiss on Josie’s parted lips, which made Josie tingle and flush with desire.  She’d never been into girls previously but she could feel herself falling under Maya’s spell.  She’d be throbbing until they did their show later.
Downstairs the reception rooms were prepared for the guests, several had arrived already and so Maya and Josie hustled to collect their trays of glasses filled with champagne and begin circulating, approaching groups of people who could help themselves to the golden liquid in fluted glasses.
Josie was very aware of the rub and stimulation from the two sex toys nestled in her sex cavities, the weights in the jiggle ball required her to clench as often as possible to hold them in place and they rubbed deliciously against the butt plug which was filling her arse, sending out waves of arousal while widening her passage – would it be tonight that she lost her anal cherry?  The idea thrilled her as much as it scared her, she’d seen Maya being taken from behind by the Master and her face wore an expression of pure pleasure.
Josie was very aware of the looks and stares of admiration she was getting from the guests, and it made her stand straighter and prouder, she loved how her breasts jutted forward against the wet-look straps, she welcomed the chafe of the leathery fabric against her moist labia, the pressure from the t-stop of the butt plug rubbed and pressed teasingly against her perineum and cunt lips, providing heavenly stimulation.  Her smooth skin looked pale and luminous against the aggressive looking network of straps which cradled her slender body.  Most of the guests were dressed for a cocktail party, but many women wore filmy fabrics under which you could see fetish corsets and bras or piercings and chains.  A few people had brought their own slaves, these were identifiable by their collars and leads, the males wearing cock cages, their mouths stretched open with ball gags, the females were dressed in leather and chains and fishnet wisps of underwear, all their charms on display.
Being under the scrutiny of the partygoers was making Josie highly aware of her body, while the dildos within her moved and rubbed deliciously with every step she took in her strappy heels.  She held the tray of drinks carefully, knowing the cuffs she wore marked her out as a submissive slave, which gave her a headrush of shameful desire – how many people in this room were right now thinking of a scenario which involved tying her up or spanking her?  She felt a gush of moisture to her pussy and a low, insistent throb – she’d cum!  From those thoughts, the jostling toys deep within her, in a crowded room with many eyes on her:  Josie stumbled and caught Maya’s eye.  Her companion slave was calmly offering her tray of drinks to a group of guests which included their Master, who caught Maya’s glance and looked hard at Josie.  His stern face gave her a thrill of fear and snapped her out of her dreamy state so Josie turned to the guest nearest her, whose slave was on his knees like a dog.  She politely offered the dominant a flute of champagne while suppressing a shiver of delight when the ‘dog slave’ sniffed and nudged at her legs, alert to the trail of sex juices running down her naked thighs from her still pulsing pussy.
After Josie had circulated the room until most people had taken at least 2 glasses of bubbly, the Master raised his hands and clapped for attention.  The low murmur of conversation ceased immediately and was replaced with a great sense of anticipation.
“Welcome friends, it’s wonderful to see you all.  It’s my pleasure to lay on some entertainment for you, two of my delicious nubile slave girls, Maya and Josie.  Please gather in the next room to watch the girls demonstrate their heightened sexuality and obedience to my command – many of you have tasted Maya’s delights at previous parties but Josie is new to my ‘stable’, currently training to be my pet. Those wanting to request a session of play tonight with any slave at the party should make their way to the entrance hall and register their ‘bid’ with Veronica.  Once Maya and Josie have finished their display the successful bidders will be paired with their allocated slave and directed to a room in which to play.  Veronica is noting down the scenarios you each wish to act out with your allocated slave, you will find all you need to fulfil your fantasy in your room.”
Maya’s cool hand took Josie’s elbow to guide her to the bar where they left their trays before hurrying with swinging hips and clicking heels towards the next room to arrange themselves on the staged bed.  As Maya helped Josie climb up and arranged her in the submissive kneeling stance, legs spread wide apart and hands in their cuffs fastened behind her back, Josie’s heart was thumping with anticipation while her erogenous zones prickled with desire.  Maya stood calmly over her, legs also spread, but in a dominant stance – a springy crop gripped in her right hand.  Josie could see a row of black, menacing looking items lined up within easy reach: a paddle, a flogger, a large silicone phallus and a black candle.
To steady her nerves Josie looked straight ahead, which meant her eyes feasted on the pink fleshy lips of Maya’s pussy, gaping apart from the stance of her spread legs.  Josie could see moisture glistening on the lips, which were pressing against and bulging through the stretchy netted fabric which cupped her cunt and disappeared in a damp wedgie between the shadows of her buttocks.  Josie licked her lips in anticipation, feeling sure she’d be kissing and licking those lips soon, and her sensitive nose picked up the musky tang of Maya’s arousal, making her pulse pick up.
They remained still, like erotic statues, until the majority of guests had gathered round the raised bed and the music system in the room began to play a slow, sensual tune.  Maya used the crop teasingly, stroking Josie’s cheeks and lips, then trailed it down her neck and across her collarbone before dragging and pressing it against the soft flesh of her left breast until she’d parted the straps and freed Josie’s nipple, displaying its bullet like point, then she tormented the teat with the crop’s tip.  Josie bit her lip to stifle a moan of desire and frustration, while her dominant companion moved the crop to the other breast and tugged the straps on that side apart, showing that the left nipple too yearned to be teased and tickled.  The the leather looped tip of the crop trailed down Josie’s trembling body to stroke her soft upper thighs, smooth strokes on the front of her legs before startling her with a stinging smack delivered to her clitoris, which remained covered by the webbing strap.  Josie’s instinct was to curl forward, hugging the pleasure/pain into herself but Maya swiftly corrected her by holding the crop at her neck to prevent movement.
Maya high stepped round her slave and ran the crop down her back, a continuous line following her spine until she got to the leather straps which created the thong area of Josie’s costume, then she drew a teasing circle on each buttock before delivering several sharp, swift blows which rained down on each trembling globe, the tender white flesh quickly marked up with raspberry coloured stripes.  Josie’s whole pelvis throbbed, the butt plug buried inside her spread these blows out in waves of intense pleasure in her molten core. Maya flung the crop down and snatched up the flogger – Josie knew this did not provide such hard strikes, but rather a stinging punishment.  She held as still as she could, not flinching while Maya assaulted her buttocks and the backs of her thighs until the whole area was heated and sore, yet she’d never felt so aroused.  Josie almost held her breath, longing for Maya to flick the leather trails up to punish and stimulate her clit, the little bud yearning for stimulation, while her pussy clenched and clutched at the balls within her, juices running freely to indicate her extreme arousal.
“Do you want to cum Slave?” Maya’s voice was stern, but there was a slight tremble to it which indicated how stimulated she too had become.
“Yes!  Please,” Josie begged.
“In front of all these people?” Maya taunted her, while exchanging the flogger for the black rectangular paddle.
“Yes Mistress Maya.  Please let me cum.”  A tear tracked down Josie’s cheek.
Maya stood in front of Josie, “Very well,” she said curtly and delivered a swift, stinging blow to each straining nipple, then one directly onto the kneeling girl’s mound and held the paddle there.
The shock of emotion made Josie shriek, fiery bursts of pain morphed immediately into huge throbs and pulses of pleasure in the molten core of her cunt walls, she was overcome with huge waves of throbbing which made her stomach and kegel muscles clench in the most delightful way. She sobbed with release and the juices of her orgasm squirted out of her, soaking the paddle and the tops of her thighs.  She barely registered the gasps of admiration from her rapt audience, so lost was she in the grabbing and throbbing which flooded  her body as she came.  As it slowly ebbed away Maya drew the paddle up and held it to Josie’s tear streaked face. Despite being slick with her juices, Josie kissed it with gratitude for the intense pleasure it had provided her.  The guests clapped and sighed with appreciation.
Maya moved behind Josie to undo the clasp which fastened the bra section of her strappy costume, then she picked up the squat, lit candle.  Josie’s eyes followed the little tongue of light with morbid fascination, she could only guess what would happen next.  Maya stood in front of her while Josie gazed up, totally in her thrall.  Maya tilted the candle slightly and a drip of the hot black wax spill onto her own arm, Maya caught her bottom lip between her teeth, took a deep breath then leaned back a little and drizzled more of the wicked molten wax over her breasts, coating and obscuring her nipples with the black substance.  She moaned as she endured the heat and burn, but Josie could smell from the sharp tang of her pussy that Maya was loving it, and this steadied her nerve.
“Lie down Slave,” Maya commanded so Josie eased herself onto her back as smoothly as she could.  Maya moved the loose straps away from Josie’s breasts and from a distance away allowed slow drips of the hot black liquid to splash onto her sensitive breasts.  The heat and burn was instant, but the pain was very brief, instead a warmth  seemed to travel back from her tightening nipples into her central core as a message of lust.  Josie let out a very erotic sigh, so her audience knew she was enraptured receiving this punishment.  Maya then let wax drip onto the front of her thighs and gravity drew the rivulets of hot black liquid down to her inner thighs in thin trails.  Josie was barely aware that she was thrashing her head from side to side and moaning.  Maya pulled at her legs so that she raised her knees, then she continued to dribble trails of the hot wax on her thighs so that it ran down towards her pussy and perineum.  Josie was lost in a mist of pain and pleasure in an indecipherable mix and was barely aware of Maya pulling at the groin strap of her outfit until it came undone.
She registered shame as Maya pulled out the black silicone jiggle balls, soaked in her creamy juices holding the toy up for all to see.  A lust-filled party-goer grabbed for the silicone device and began to lasciviously lick the toy clean of Josie’s slick.  Through heavy lidded eyes, Josie saw that Maya was holding the huge phallic dildo above her head for everybody to appreciate the length and girth of it.  Josie was eager for her to cram it inside her pussy, her entire body felt ravenously horny and she was hungry to be filled now the jiggle balls were gone.  The lust building inside her made her confident that she could take its full length, even with the butt plug she already wore, but before Maya put this to the test, she teased her by agitating the plug inside her back passage until Josie moaned and begged.
“Please!  Please, Mistress.  I’m a dirty slut, fill my holes, I beg you.”
There was a murmur of approval from the spectators, and Josie felt the sucking, drawing sensation as the plug was removed from her butt, her sphincter stretched and throbbed, and she wondered if it looked as open as it now felt.
“It’s time this little fuck-toy showed us what she can take!” Maya said with a fierceness that thrilled Josie.  She pressed the dildo against Josie’s soaking pussy and gave it a shove which buried it halfway into her.  Josie gasped at the shock of its thickness, despite her state of arousal she felt the tissues of her pussy burning and stretching to accommodate its girth.  She could feel every veiny detail on the silicone and she found herself panting with both lust and effort.  
Looking down at herself, her knees hiked up and her legs spread wide she could see the trails of black wax, now cooled and tightening deliciously on the tender skin of her inner thighs.  The huge dildo was wedged obscenely half inside her box, but she wanted more!
“Uuuuh, fuck me Mistress Maya!”  she implored, “pound me with it. I’m a filthy slut.  It’s what I deserve.  I like it dirty.”
So Maya did! She drew the dildo back and rammed it home again and again, deeper each time, eliciting grunts of pleasure and pain from Josie, who could barely keep still with the effort of riding the big black phallus. She felt so violated and plundered, dignity was discarded as the audience watched her crying and begging, grunting and cumming.  Her mascara had tracked down her face in streaks, her cum squirted around the girth of the silicone penis and she could feel her anal ring throbbing and tightening as she came, the pulsing and panting made involuntary spasms which wracked her body.  
Josie was oblivious, in her orgasmic release, to the sexual tension in the room.  Many party-goers were so inspired by the show they witnessed that they began to stroke and frig each other.  Hands and tongues got busy providing pleasure, while erections stiffened and swelled, precum oozing from many a yearning penis which would not long be idle.
The Master observed his party becoming an orgy, and felt a swell of pleasure to have orchestrated it.  Maya leaned over Josie and locked lips with her, plundering the prone girl’s mouth with her tongue and laying over her body, their wax-coated breasts rubbing together, which caused clumps of the black substance to crack and peel away, leaving the skin pink and very sensitive.  Josie kissed back as if her life depended on it, and truly she felt she’d do anything Maya asked of her, so deeply had she embraced her submissive persona.
The girls continued their show, mirroring one another’s movements as the orgy carried on around them.  They slid into a 69 position and ate each other out, when Maya cupped Josie’s striped, tender buttocks with her hands to delve deeper inside her pussy with a probing tongue, Josie found herself cumming again, her pleasure/pain receptors working overtime.  She nuzzled at Maya, licking and sucking at her clitoris through the wide mesh of her underwear, unable (because she still had her hands cuffed) to hold her in the same way, but Maya’s orgasm went off like a rocket, Josie’s mouth and chin became soaked with her juices.

Maya moved and turned to face Josie again, she snaked her slim arms around Josie’s body and held her close and they gloried in the frisson, tender flesh rubbed, harsh studs and clasps dug in and the cooled wax tightened and flaked off.  The girls cuddled and stroked each other, enjoying a brief respite while all around them threesomes and foursomes were under way.  The grunts and moans of pleasure and pain drowned out the soft sexy instrumental music, but the slave girls closed their eyes, taking a well earned rest before ‘chapter 2’ of the evening’s events began.

To be continued

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