Catching up with Josie : Cleaner Close #4 & #5

Today I realised that Josie has been up to plenty of mischief recently but I haven’t been keeping you, my blog followers, up-to-speed!  So here is a double dose of our plucky young heroine who has stumbled into the world BDSM whilst doing her job as a cleaner!  If only I had fun like this at work, I’d be skipping in on a Monday (and probably volunteering for extra shifts!)

This story can be read by itself, or as part of the Cleaner Close series where a girl employed as a maid but discovers a secret world of BDSM, to become a willing submissive to her mysterious employer.  [Episode 1 is found here and to find each subsequent adventure, click ‘To be Continued’ at the end of each episode.]

My other new idea is to provide links to assist if you wish to investigate the toys described in my stories – those I am specific about are often from Lovehoney as I find this a fabulous website with great customer service and always a deal to be had!  So check out the links if you want to buy the sexy goodies for your toy box!

Cleaner Close (Part 4)  : For Her Master’s Pleasure

Josie had not really enjoyed her time at school – too many rules, too much bookwork and she was bored with the majority of her lessons. This assignment was different! Josie was very diligent with her homework from the Master!  She greatly looked forward each day to inserting her ‘ben wah’ balls, her pussy was usually moist in anticipation, and they slipped in quite easily.  Once inserted, they jiggled inside her as she moved about, often clunking together quietly, sending ripples of sensation which gradually built up, intensifying Josie’s arousal.  
As advised by Maya, her Master’s more experienced slave, she wore them them at a time when she was going to be active, such as doing chores at home or walking into the village for supplies from the corner shop.  If anyone wondered why Josie always had a smile or a dreamy look on her face, nobody asked, but she was glad that no-one witnessed her being overcome with waves of lust while selecting pasta and italian sauce!  Josie braced herself with one hand on the shelf and bit the back of her hand to suppress  moans which wanted to rip through her while waves of pleasure in her core washed over her body with delightful throbs in her pussy and spasms deep in her core muscles.  A few minutes later, her panties were warm and wet as she made her way to the till with her wire basket to pay.  What a pleasant surprise that had been, although she wasn’t sure what had made that day so intense.  On most occasions the movement of the balls made her horny with wicked thoughts running through her mind, making her pussy juices gather, but she did not usually orgasm from the balls alone.
Josie had taken on ‘extra studies’ and she used her laptop to learn about the world and ways of BDSM.  She researched all types of sex toys, getting quite wet imagining how they would feel if they were used on her, or if she used them on Maya.  She knew she would not get to use them on the Master, her research on BDSM relationships informed her he was a ‘top’ and would always take the dominant role, but she might take the upper hand with Maya if the idea excited him.  She had also studied different types of punishments and challenges Master might ask her to endure, and was surprised how aroused she got looking at the images of ‘nasty’ bondage and punishment scenarios. She could never resist sneaking her hand into her panties and stroking herself as she trawled the internet, teasing her clitoris bud and trailing her fingers through her juicy slit with shudders of delight.
The image which had Josie really creaming over her gusset showed a naked girl tied to a post with hands cuffed behind her back, wearing a blindfold.  Her legs were spread apart and another girl knelt in front of her licking at her pussy, while several people queued, holding a variety of sex toys, which they intended to use on the bound girl.  Her nipples had clamps on with little weights while a slim, muscled guy in a thong stood and flogged her while the waiting people watched.  Another girl in a waspie & stockings leaned down to the bound slave to deliver a very sensuous kiss, pinching and dragging at her own  pierced nipples. A bushy fox tail hung from a plug buried in this girl’s arse-hole.  Josie looked at the image several times a day (it was a favourite in her browser) it never failed to stir her pussy to excitement, whereon she would dip her finger in and circle it round her clitoris, while dragging and pinching at her own nipples.  She noticed that she became aroused more quickly since using the silver balls and the muscles in her vagina seemed tighter, leading to more powerful orgasms.
After 2 weeks had passed since Josie had been initiated by the Master, a package was delivered to her house.  It contained a contract, which she needed to read and sign, listing BDSM activities, and Josie must indicate those in which she would willingly participate, the definite “No”s, and those she was curious about and might be pressed into trying.  From her internet research, Josie knew this was standard so she put it to one side to read & complete.  There were 2 other small boxes in the package, each a deep purple.  The first box contained a device with a rubber bulb and a narrow, plastic tube or nozzle.  With shaking hands Josie opened the next box which held a very small, black silicone butt plug, with a flared out end.  When she shook it she realised it had a weight inside it, like the ben wah balls, so she concluded that her new ‘homework’ would be to prepare her back passage for penetration.
Josie felt a little lightheaded with shock, but at the same time she felt an unmistakable throb in her pussy while her nipples tightened at the thought of preparing herself to be the Master’s plaything.  She opened her laptop and browsed a sex toy site: typing in ‘anal play’ to find out more about how to use her ‘gifts’.  She easily found the section on butt plugs and read how she should insert the device feeling relaxed, using lots of lube.  Following the trail of what other people bought when they purchased the plugs she recognised the other item in the package as an anal douche, for rinsing before and after ‘back-door play.  Truly that devious man thought of everything!
Later that night Josie had a hot shower and as she soaped herself down she let her fingers linger and trail around her mons.  She luxuriated in its baby smoothness since being intimately waxed and she loved  its increased sensitivity.  As she draped her towel around her damp body Josie decided to try out her new gadgets.  She ran warm water into the basin and submerged the douche, squeezing the bulb and letting it draw the water in.  Next she carefully slid it between her butt cheeks and into her back passage, the nozzle was so slim she barely felt it, but the sensation of the warm water flushing into her was odd, it ran out of her and down her legs into the shower tray.  Josie repeated the procedure then rinsed the douche clean and separated the 2 parts  to dry on the corner of the bath.
 Josie finished patting herself dry and began to rub cocoa butter into her soft skin.  She was determined that the Master would always find her fragrant and supple so, as well as taking pilates classes, she now took extra care of her skin all over, imagining his fingertips kneading and stroking her.  As Josie massaged cream into the tops of her thighs she let her fingers drag lightly over her hairless mound, she felt a pulse in her clit and the moisture began to build in her slit.  Standing so that she could watch in the mirror Josie was able to detect the swelling begin until her clit was clearly prominent in the shadow between her pussy lips.  Josie briefly closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, tugging at the tight points of both her nipples simultaneously.
“MMm mmh” she moaned and felt bolts of thrill run straight to her box.  Her juices were flowing freely and there was wetness at the top of her thighs. Opening her eyes she imagined being watched by the Master, his strict instruction having been, “Pleasure yourself my little Slut!”
“I’m wet for you Sir” she whispered.
She dipped her longest finger deep inside her pussy and held it out to the mirror.
“Look Sir, my pussy is always ready for you.  You want me to lick my own juices? Yes Master,” and she sucked on her finger, looking at her reflection to perfect her seductive expression.
She began to tap on her clitoris with her finger, fast taps which made its sensitive tip thrill, then stopped to dip her finger deep inside her hot cunt again, this time trailing the glistening liquid around each of her nipples, coating the tight hard buds with the musk of her arousal.
Josie felt a heaviness in her breasts, her legs felt leaden too,  as if they wanted to tense, so she turned to the shelf to locate the butt plug and tube of KY jelly.
Josie squeezed the tube to drizzle clear lube all over the top half of the butt plug and willed herself to relax, presenting the head of the toy at her back passage.  The cold of the jelly was a shock and her heart beat fast, she pressed until she felt her back entry begin to give, another slow, firm push and the plug slipped in!  Suddenly the only part of it left outside her was its flared base, what a shock! How did it feel? She was not sure. Not too big, not too different from normal, just a sensation of ‘fullness’.  What should she do to enjoy it?  She continued to pinch and twist her nipples and she felt the same pleasure as previously, no! She felt more pleasure, a larger area than her pussy was getting excited.  She continued to stroke her clit, her finger sliding her juices around her inner and outer lips and they became more slick by the minute.  
Josie wanted more, MORE OF EVERYTHING!  It was as if the plug in her butt was making her greedy, she wanted to pull as much pleasure into herself as possible .  Josie moved to her bedside drawer, the butt plug jiggling as she walked, so she moved around some more.  She bent down to look in the drawer, hyper aware of the plug buried in her arse and how it would look if the Master was watching.  She grasped her rabbit vibrator and ran it sensuously around her lips, licking its tip before  pressing the button to switch it on. She chose the slowest speed, she wanted this to last a long time.  Josie trailed the tip of the vibe around each of her nipples several times, damn that felt good!  She wanted to rock her hips, and why not? it was all movement and that felt delicious in her back passage too.  Standing before the mirror once more she saw the sex-crazed Josie that she had become: dark eyes with lusty dilated pupils, nipples pinched into pert dark buds, giving her rounded breasts a little lift too.  Her pussy looked different, its lips were engorged with blood, looking fuller and her clitoris was swollen and almost shocking in its prominence and pinkness.  Her pussy and thigh tops glistened with her slick arousal and she made eye contact with herself while trailing the bright purple vibrator down her body, passing her belly button, teasing her slit until she pressed it up into the hunger of her pulsing pussy. Wow!
“Master!” Josie groaned, her voice hoarse with lust,
“The butt plug … it feels … delicious!  I can’t … hold back … want to cum!”
“Mmmmh … ahh!”  Josie could no longer put words together, she was like a dog on heat, thrusting her hips and feeling the pleasure of the buzzing vibe pumping in and out of her pussy combined with the full feeling caused by the plug buried in her butt.  The vibrations, though gentle, travelled through the membranes between her 2 holes, so now the weighted butt plug was buzzing too.  Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over Josie, and she wanted to clamp tightly onto the ‘rabbit’ whilst at the same time feeling a desire to open herself up wide and cram as many phallic objects into her pussy as she could!  Never had she felt so dirty and slutty but it was a delicious horny feeling as her orgasmic throbs now included her sphincter and she shuddered and pulsed with additional muscle spasms that came on waves of pleasure.
“Master please … please  … want … cum.”  Josie’s begging to her imaginary dominant was almost gibberish.  With her eyes squeezed closed Josie orgasmed and kept cumming until her legs went weak and she sank to the floor, letting the vibe slide out of herself with a wet plop.
 Breathless, Josie could hardly stand, her legs seemed to belong to someone else, but as the aftershocks faded she got herself up and took one last look in the mirror.  Sex crazed Josie had gone, replaced by a girl with a post-orgasmic glow, but still wearing a wicked little butt plug!  Josie cleaned herself up, blotting away the juices of her arousal and climax, but she decided she would leave the plug in place for a while longer.  She threw on a robe and went down to the kitchen to get herself a cold drink.
While she stood on the cold tiles in the low-lit kitchen, sipping water, Josie’s phone pinged with the arrival of a text message.
“Did you receive my gifts?”
There was no caller ID, but Josie knew  it must be the Master, so she replied “Yes Sir” and added him to her contacts list.
“Have you tried them yet?”
“Yes Sir.  Thank you Sir.”
“I knew you wouldn’t wait, dirty slut.  Did you enjoy the plug?”
“I did Sir,” Josie felt her cheeks flush as she texted back.
“Did you cum?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Open your robe, wanton slut. Who gave you permission to cum?”
Josie was startled, she looked around the empty kitchen, then out into the blackness which enveloped her garden and the fields beyond.
Her phone pinged again “Follow orders, or I will punish!”
Josie’s pulse kicked up as she pulled slowly at the belt of her robe and opened it to bare her breasts.
“Better. Walk to window”
Josie moved to the black expanse of glass and scanned the dark space outside, her heart thumping in her chest.
A new text pinged in “Touch yourself”.
Tentatively Josie’s left hand moved to a nipple to pinch and twist it.  She felt the familiar heat of desire unravel inside her and she moved her other hand to her right breast tweaking and pulling at it too.
Following the Master’s commands had strings of desire tugging at her pussy already and a warming and throbbing began in her loins. Josie licked her lips  and let her head drop back, exposing her pale neck, if the Master wanted a show, she would give him one.  She trailed a finger around her mouth and nibbled, sucking at her index finger suggestively.  She let her hand make a slow trail down her body before dipping it between her pussy lips and gasping with delight as she plundered her box with 2 digits which she began to work in and out, making a squelching sound in the dark silence.
“That’s right.  Fuck yourself dirty girl!” the message flashed onto her phone screen with the familiar ping sound, and Josie groaned as her desire heightened.
Josie moved to the fridge door and opened it, the light illuminating her nakedness while she rummaged in the vegetable drawer for a courgette.  She brandished it with triumph and allowed a wicked smile to play around her lips before she kissed it’s cool, green outer skin.  While she looked straight ahead, imagining the Master watching her from the field beyond, she trailed the courgette slowly down her naked body, raising goosebumps as it passed with its chilly touch. Then Josie stood with her back to the kitchen counter, placed her palms on its smooth surface and boosted herself up until she was sitting on it facing the garden.
The phone stayed silent, Josie imagined the Master was enjoying the tease, so she brought the vegetable up to her mouth and wrapped her lips around, moving it in and out, it sucking it deep and long before she let it travel down her body again.  She spread her legs wide and sank its cool fleshy length deep in her cunt.
 “Aaah,” she let out a moan, it was big and it was cold in her hot juicy box, but it was fucking awesome!
 She sawed it in and out of her slowly, while her greedy pussy made slurping noises and coated the courgette with her musky juices.  She’d almost forgotten she still wore the butt plug, but it was pressing into her causing a wonderful filled feeling and the sensations of arousal shortly became intense, as if her orgasm was galloping towards her.  Josie was barely aware how deeply she was fucking herself with the courgette, her legs spread wide like a dirty slut.  All she knew was there was a hunger in her which must be satisfied, and the Master wanted to see his dirty girl in action.  She dragged repeatedly on her nipple until it was aching and sore but she couldn’t stop, her core muscles were clenching and throbbing while her back passage was pulsing around its silicone invader, until the waves of orgasm peaked and came crashing and breaking on the shore.  Josie stilled her pumping motion with the vegetable phallus, letting her pussy clench and throb around it, satisfying all her filthy desires.  
Later, when her breathing steadied and her pulse slowed she gently pulled the courgette out of her battered and bruised pussy, raising it to her mouth once more, in order to lick off her slippery, musky juices.  She enjoyed the taste of her own arousal, but most of all she wanted to please the Master with a saucy show.
Her phone pinged again.  The screen showed clapping hands and a smiley face emoji.  Josie scanned the dark outside her window but still couldn’t see anyone.   She closed her robe and eased herself gingerly off the counter, before depositing the courgette in the sink.  Time for bed.  She turned her back on the window and snapped off the under cupboard lights.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cleaner Close (part 5) : Josie becomes a Pet

Josie made her way up the stony drive, the birds sang and the sun slanted through the trees.  As she approached, her eyes were drawn to the top floor of the house.  Its blinds were drawn for privacy, she felt a thrill deep in her stomach at the thought of the domination, punishment and pleasure she could experience there.  What went on in that room filled her waking thoughts and fuelled vivid dreams which left her pussy wet and throbbing with pleasure.
Unlocking the door and letting herself in at the side of the house, her pulse picked up in anticipation.  She hung her coat on the rack and removed her Ugg boots, exchanging her practical leggings and sweatshirt for the black maid’s dress and apron she wore to clean the house.  Before Josie could zip the dress up, she became aware Maya was hovering in the kitchen doorway, a soft smile on her pretty face.
“I have a present from the Master,” she said,  producing an object from behind her back, which made Josie’s legs go weak with desire, it was a chrome anal plug with a fabulous, bushy fox tail attached.
“He wants you to wear it while you work today,” she said, her expression mischievous.  “Shall I help you put it in?”
Josie  couldn’t suppress a nervous giggle, but nodded, so slipping off her knickers and turning her back, she lifted her skirt and tilted her naked bum  in Maya’s direction.  Josie felt the other girl approach and drop to her knees.
“I’m just applying some lube,” Maya reassured, her breath warm against Josie’s skin, although she also felt goosebumps breaking out with anticipation.  How could the Master know this had featured in her fantasies so prominently?
“It’s gonna be cold babe,” Maya’s voice pierced her reverie, then she felt  the plug’s cold, hard probing against her anal whorl, pressing insistently to invade her inner sanctum until, with a gentle pop, it was inside, filling her, having pushed passed the muscular ring.  It’s coldness and weight added to the feeling of fullness its size created (Josie was very glad she’d been doing her homework with the black silicone butt plug).  As it nestled within, she felt her arousal and sensitivity increase, as if her whole pussy had woken from a slumber and was horny! Whilst the tickling of the trailing fur tail against Josie’s bare skin was delightfully sexy, every move she made sent tingles of desire out from her back passage into her moist pussy.
“Girl, that looks HOT!” Maya exclaimed. She swung the tail so that the trailing fur brush stroked and tickled the back of the other girl’s thighs, whilst the weight of it hanging from the plug made more moisture gather in Josie’s pussy, and  increased the ‘hunger’ in her box, which felt so damn horny. She felt stretched and punished by the unforgiving hard metal plug, but simultaneously her sensitive, tight back passage throbbed around the plug and loved the invasion, whilst Josie herself gloried in the faint sensation of humiliation at being turned into an animal, a pet for her Master to command & play with at will.  A blush crept up her neck and over her face that Maya was witnessing her debasement.
“I’ve never worn anything like that!” Maya sounded strangely envious.
Josie looked over her shoulder shyly, trying to peek at her tail, yet even that small movement stirred thrills deep in her groin.
“It seems he’s going to turn you into his pet – would you like that Josie?”  Maya stroked Josie’s hair away from her face and looked deep into her eyes as the other girl nodded. “I think  I’d like a pet too.”  She kissed Josie tenderly on the lips, giving her tail a tiny tug.  Both the girl-on-girl kiss and the tug on Josie’s tail had her slit moistening. She found it both exciting and illicit to be desired by a woman.  Maya turned reluctantly on her heel and left the room.
Josie slipped her stockinged toes into her high shoes and strode towards the kitchen, made hyper-aware of every step she took by the tail swaying gently behind her under her dress, titillating her gently but insistently with every move she made.  For over an hour she worked through her chores, wiping surfaces, dusting ledges and vacuuming carpets.  Not only did she become hornier and wetter with every step and reach she made,  the metal plug adjusting to her body temperature but insistently pressing and massaging her back passage.  She was conscious that the Master was watching on live feed, so she exaggerated all her bends and stretches, sensuous and feline.  Josie’s pussy lips grew puffy with arousal and moisture gathered in her slit and spilled onto the top of her stockinged thighs.  Putting the vac back in the cupboard she turned to find Maya waiting on the landing, dressed in black underwear which predominantly consisted of black straps and buckles.  She beckoned Josie over, that look of mischief on her face again.
“Turn around,” she commanded, slapping Josie’s bare bottom even as she complied, which sent tingles and thrills radiating through her bum and the muscles gripping the anal plug.  She stood still, savouring the leg-trembling desire she felt, barely aware that Maya was unzipping her dress.
“Face me,” Maya’s voice was firm, but not as domineering as the Master’s.
Her hands gripped the straps of Josie’s bra and eased them off her shoulders, then she teased the lace cups of the bra away from her nipples.  Next she leaned in close to fasten her lips around one nipple and began sucking firmly while teasing with her teeth.  Josie revelled in the gentle torment and let her head drop back as she was suckled  with an insistent pressure.  It was toe-curlingly erotic, zaps of hot and cold pricking sensations travelled back and forth from her breast to clit at hyper-speed.  When her nipple became a hard bullet, Maya swiftly produced a suction cup nipple clamp, which she fastened  tight to Josie’s teat before deftly moving to the other breast to repeat the process.  Her ministrations caused molten lava to build deep in Josie’s core, shocks and pulses of desire flared into action while Maya sucked at her teat until the nipple hardened and became engorged, then Maya trapped it in a second suction cup, which made Josie bite her lip.
“How does that feel?” Maya searched her face as she struggled up from a pool of lust-induced lethargy to reply.
“Fantastic!” her breathing was ragged as she tried to cope with the onslaught of pleasure and pain.
“There’s more!” Maya smiled and flicked a switch on each clamp, setting them buzzing.
Josie’s knees buckled at that and Maya gripped her shoulders so she didn’t stumble and fall.
“Your tail looks fantastic!” Maya enthused as she held Josie upright and helped her out of her dress, followed by the bra, leaving stockings and shoes.  
“Master also wants you to wear this.”  She produced a headband of realistic fur fabric with dark-tipped fox ears attached. “Adorable,” she said, cocking her head on one side she placed it on Josie’s head, tucking her hair around it to cover her ears.  Josie’s face looked slack and dreamy with the overload of stimulation she was experiencing, but Maya was all business.
“Proceed,” she said firmly.
Josie set off ahead of her, walking sinuously and languorously, hips swaying so the bushy fox tail swung behind her.  Right now she felt like a filthy sex goddess, pulled towards the Pleasure Zone by the burning desire in her pussy and her stretched back passage.  Josie was delighted to embrace her new role as his pet, a slinky, venal vixen whose reward would be sexual gratification and Josie was willing (no, eager!) to perform or receive any sexual favour her Master desired.
Maya entered the access code then made their way along the stark corridor to the room Josie remembered so well, its walls and cabinets visibly stocked with myriad items which could cause pleasure and pain.  This time, due to her internet searches, Josie was much more educated and could recognise many items, the whips and paddles of various size which would deliver blows which ranged from mild to eye-watering intensity.  The shelves of dildos and vibrators were grouped by size – both length and girth.  All of this registered in her peripheral vision as her eyes locked onto the Master, seated in his leather chair, dressed in a black singlet and matt black leather jeans.  His eyes locked with hers and she felt drawn towards him, until he raised his hand in a ‘stop’ gesture.
“A pet should approach her Master on all fours,” he said sternly so Josie complied immediately.  The floor was hard and cold against her knees, but she felt the delicious tickle of the fox-tail against her thighs and calves as she crawled, allowing a little dip in her lower back which made her butt to jut out.
“Do you like my pet Maya?” he asked, Josie rubbed herself against his legs with her head and body as she’d seen cats do.  The Master stroked down her flank, cupping her breast in passing, then slapped her firmly on her buttock which made Josie moan with desire.
“Is that a purr my pet?” Master smirked, before slapping the other butt cheek even harder.  Josie gasped and bit her lip, feeling desperate to touch herself, the fire in her clitoris was really building, but she knew this would be forbidden, so she continued her cat-like rubbing against Master’s legs, nudging them wider apart to get her head into his lap.
“I think your pet is beautiful Master.  Look how she caresses you.  I would love to stroke her, with your permission.”  Maya’s voice was silky and seductive as she approached Josie’s up-tilted posterior.
“Stroke away,” said the Master and suddenly Maya’s slim, cool fingers stroked Josie’s labia, the slick folds parting easily, allowing her fingers to tease Josie’s slit.  Her fellow slave stroked up and down the full length of her gash, from the burning, sensitive nub of her swollen clit to her pulsing anus adorned with the fox-tail dildo, making Josie’s pussy awash with hot molten symptoms of desire.  Teasing fingers dragged up and down, parting the lips and spreading her wetness and its warmth around, awaking a million delicious sensations which Josie struggled to cope with, knowing she was forbidden to cum without permission.
Master watched the girls’ activities intently, he’d unbuttoned his flies and released his engorged member while parting his legs to allow Josie close enough to nuzzle, lick and suck at his cock and balls.  Josie made animalistic mewls and moans of pleasure as she sank her open mouth over him taking his length down her throat.  She sucked up and down slowly several times,  then she came up to the tip of his penis and began to lick around it’s mushroomed head, swirling her tongue to massage its raised edge to tantalise its many nerve endings.  She was rewarded by a growl of pleasure from the Master, before he placed his hand on top of her head to revert her to sucking and bobbing, encasing his hot flesh as deep within her throat as she could manage.  He didn’t maintain pressure on her head, allowing her to choose her own speed and technique, but he did enjoy the vibrations from her moaning with desire as Maya fingered her hot pussy while Josie sucked him off.
“Help my Pet climb onto my lap Maya!” Master commanded.  Josie felt Maya’s fingers leave her slit to lift under her arms, taking her weight, helping her stand on legs of jelly.  Maya held Josie steady while she straddled the Master, a knee either side of his hips, but Josie hovered above him while he gripped his cock with both hands and slid it provocatively up and down her swollen, slick pussy lips.
“How much do you want this my Pet?” Master looked up at Josie’s flushed face, lipstick smeared from licking and sucking his engorged manhood.
“I want it so much Master. Please let me ride you until I cum,” Josie begged.
Master positioned his cock head at her entrance, Maya released her and Josie sank down, fast and hard, on his swollen member.  She delighted in the shock rush of sensations as his thick girth filled her pulsing hole, even as the hard butt plug stretched her back passage and rubbed within her.  She groaned and panted with arousal and effort as she shunted herself up and down on him as fast and hard as she could, wanting it rough and animalistic.  
“Cum Pet, your Master wishes it!”
So Josie rode him hard, each descent down his fleshy pole pressed the butt plug against her and it was the shocks which rippled out from this pounding which tipped her over the edge.  Josie began to cum, a throbbing which exceeded anything she‘d experienced before.  She felt as if her pussy and back passage were throbbing in syncopation, pulsing around a cock and a plug respectively, their rings of muscles being bounced back by these objects, making the waves of her orgasm go on and on.  Her eyes were squeezed shut, in the rapture of her orgasm, but aware of the Master cumming too, his cock’s pulses propelling seed deep into her burning core.  Josie’s whole body sank down onto the Master as she rode the last waves of her climax, but this was not time for her to rest.
“Take her to the chair Maya!”  Master’s commanding voice broke Josie’s reverie, firm hands helped her off his lap and steadied her stumbles towards a hard wooden chair. Josie felt a trail of her cum mixed with the Master’s running down her bare leg.  She sat, dazed as Maya fussed around her, gently removing the butt plug and using restraints to tie her wrists behind her back as she sat on the chair. Her legs were spread apart and her feet were each strapped to a chair leg, up on the toes so that her pussy lips spread open and a mess of juices from her sexual adventure continued to dribble out of her.  Maya slid an egg-shaped silicone device inside her and held a water bottle to Josie’s lips, from which she drank greedily.  
In front of her a plasma screen came to life : colour and noise.  Josie saw scenes of the Master pleasuring Maya on it.  She couldn’t drag her eyes from the screen, the sweat glistened on Maya’s naked flesh as the Master put her through various punishments, beating her with a narrow paddle, which rapidly brought the flesh up to a rosy glow, before swatting her with an evil looking leather crop, causing dark stripes on her skin and making her cry out with each blow. Suddenly the egg inside Josie burst into buzzing action, and she became distracted and consumed by waves of delicious feeling which ramped up her arousal.
A water bottle was rigged up behind the chair to which Josie was tied, the straw reached over her shoulder, easily accessible.  Josie took several gulps of water, her throat dry as she watched the ‘dungeon master’ in action on the screen, causing a familiar throb of arousal to build in her pussy again, although the egg within had ceased buzzing as suddenly as it began.  She watched Maya suck the Master’s cock lasciviously, knowing that not long ago she’d had the same throbbing member in her own mouth, she could still taste him, could still feel his seed leaking out and pooling between her thighs.  She looked down at her splayed open legs, her hairless lips spread wide and still puffy from riding his hard cock to orgasm, and she felt a strange pride at the juices which oozed out of her.  Josie was becoming the fuck toy the Master wanted her to be.  Her pussy tingled and her nipples were trapped hardened points remembering him thrusting deep inside her.
On screen, Master was grunting and thrusting (he was no longer plundering Maya’s mouth, but fucking her rosy, striped arse).  Josie struggled against her restraints, wishing her hands were free to press and rub at her clit, but there was no escaping, so she sipped more water and tried to hold back her lust as she watched Maya & her dominant enjoying a spectacular joint climax, while her pussy clenched in sympathetic envy.  Again the vibrating egg burst into action inside her, and Josie struggled to cope with the new stimulation without climaxing.
The real life porn on screen did not stop!  The Master had put together footage of many favourite moments.  Josie was enthralled and aroused by his dominance, not only with Maya, but several other women of varying shapes and size.  There was also a beautiful female dominatrix who wore a tight purple corset, it cinched in her waist and hoisted her breasts up, but didn’t cover them, instead it sat under them against her ribs.  She wore a silver ring in each nipple and a stud in her tongue.  The close-ups of her licking and sucking the Master showed that, if used around the frenulum, the stud added spice to her oral skills.  She used it in a similar way when lapping and sucking at the pussies of the girl slaves, who cried out in delight, begging her “stop it’s too much”, but of course she didn’t, because they hadn’t used the safe word – Deadbolt.
Josie was, by now, humming with pent up desire and arousal, her frustration making her sweat and feel twitchy, with strings of juices at her cunt lips as if she was drooling. She no longer dared sip the water, because now the added pressure of a full bladder made her hyper-aware of her pussy and the surrounding area : it was hot, tight and yearning for release.  At that moment the silicone egg stilled,  Maya returned to the ‘Discipline Room’ and stood before her.
“How are you feeling, Pet?” she enquired, running her finger over Josie’s breast still trapped in the nipple clamp. Josie jumped and groaned, straining against her bonds.
“Horny as hell, I want to be fucked!” Josie panted, “and I’m dying to pee!”  her voice dropped to a whisper making this final confession.
“Did you see anything you liked?” Maya continued in a teasing tone of voice, using her fingers to nip and pinch at Josie’s labia, leaning in she almost kissed her, but kept just out of reach.
“O Maya, it was all so arousing.  I’m a ball of desire, melting with lust!” Josie almost sobbed.
The slave girl knelt between her legs, gently blowing on the folds of her open pussy. Josie shuddered, but panicked.
“O please Maya no, I need to pee so badly!”
Maya moved in and touched the tip of her tongue to Josie’s clit, making her squeal.  Maya did not stop, she continued to lick and suck, dabbing and probing with her tongue, and Josie was helpless to resist, bound as she was and spread open.  Josie’s moans and cries were a mixture of pleasure and despair, she really couldn’t hold her water much longer.
“O please, o please o pleeeease,” she wailed, thrashing her head from side to side, in an effort to keep from cumming and pissing herself.
“You may empty your bladder Pet.   You have permission to cum.”  
The deep rumble of the Master’s voice came from across the room and surprised Josie.  She’d been so absorbed in the on-screen sex scenes that she forgot the Master was in the room, but now she realised he must’ve been watching her watching the sex tape, gauging her reactions and operating the vibrating egg remotely, taking her to the brink of orgasm but denying her satisfaction.  Could she pee with him watching?  While Maya licked at her pussy?  Equally could she hold it in much longer?  As Josie battled with her modesty, Maya latched onto the nub of her clitoris, sucking long and hard … and Josie HAD to let go!  A warm stream of her urine poured out, pooling and eddying around her rump on the chair as it flowed past Maya’s chin and dripped onto the floor.  As she peed, she came, great relieving waves of orgasm washed over, her head fell back and she sobbed, her chest heaving with combined delight, release and horror.  Her moans of pleasure masked the splashing sound of the fluid hitting the floor, but her shock and shame wouldn’t flow away so quickly.  Yet why worry?  The Master had commanded it, she was his pet, an animal, it had felt good, (so good) to let it all go.
“Get cleaned up!” the Master commanded, and Josie knew this session was at an end.  Maya brought ice for Josie to apply to her nipples, because they tingled and burned so badly once she removed the nipple clamps.  She waited for Maya to release her from the chair, then followed meekly to the wetroom.  Once they were alone she asked Maya the identity of the purple-corseted dominatrix who’d fascinated and aroused her.
“That’s Mrs Graveson.  She is ‘The Mistress’, very strict, but a lot of fun too.  I think you’ll enjoy serving her.
Josie thought so too, images of her pierced nipples and the stud in her tongue tormenting labia and clitorises with her licking and sucking flitted through Josie’s memory as she soaped herself clean.  
“There’s a party in 2 weeks’ time and they want us attend.  Serving drinks, but also acting as ‘playthings’ for the night.  Can you handle that?”
Josie’s imagination went into overdrive, picturing what might go on at one of the Graveson’s kinky gatherings, and what she might participate in.
“Have you done their parties before?” she asked Maya, feeling an even mixture of dread and thrill at the prospect.
“Yes indeed,” Maya’s chuckle was throaty as she leaned over to stroke Josie’s wet hair and plant a gentle kiss on her lips.  “You won’t be asked to do anything too extreme, you are still a new slave on the team, and you can always use your safeword if anything makes you uncomfortable,  no need be nervous.”
Josie smiled and nodded, her heart thudding in her chest, what was she more scared of? – what she would have done to her?  Or what she might discover about the depths of her depravation?
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