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Reading – it affords me great pleasure and makes me go MMM – on a Monday or any day of the week! It is a few years since I was invited to read Seduced by Sin in return for an honest review, but my opinion of it as an entertaining read holds true.


Seduced By Sin : Kris Rafferty

Since the literary explosion caused by the books about a certain Mr Grey there has been a plethora of stories which lean towards the erotic.  The ones that drive me mad with have an “I love him / I hate him” see-saw.  Not this book!  No! Seduced by Sin grabbed me, threw me down on a bed and planted burning kisses on all my erogenous zones until I couldn’t think straight!  This novel had sexual tension as its driving force from the very first page.  It is hot stuff: a dangerous, musclebound hero pursues the affection of a bright, but fragile, heiress while her megalomaniac father wants to employ him to protect his nefarious business interests.

I hope I’m conveying how exciting this story is, because it’s a real page-turner.  There’s a plot choc full of spying, fighting and double deals which kept me guessing.  Francesca’s father offers her hand in marriage as a bargaining tool, when all she wants is to be an independant woman, taken seriously for her qualifications and her civic good deeds. Perhaps at the same time she can make her critically ill father to show her some love.  Cale (muscle-bound hero) is working under-cover for the FBI, gaining inside information on Francesca’s father.  He’s a man whose life has been spent ducking and diving, living on his wits, double dealing and trading favours with shady contacts.  What Cale doesn’t admit, even to himself, is how damaged and shaped he’s been by traumatic childhood events, he thinks in growing up that he’s left behind the street rat that he was. However the truth has a way of surfacing, those things we most wish to keep secret are those we betray, perhaps subliminally, by our actions and with our motivations.
The ending reminded me of Pretty Woman, a film which I love, when the hooker is ‘saved’ from imprisonment in a ‘tower’ by her hero:
Edward:So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?
Vivian: She rescues him right back
This is chick lit for the modern woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask a bad  boy to give it to her!

What Wendy Wants : Nikki Sex

Wendy is a stay at home mum, she has 3 boisterous boys to look after and an accountant husband, they are in love but their sex life has got rather stale.  To boost things Wendy reads erotic stories on Kindle, she page marks her favourite bits and she tries to get some alone time for reading and solo play.
The story takes an interesting turn when husband Frank takes Wendy’s Kindle to work by mistake, his logical brain easily cracks her password and soon his eyes are opened to the dominant and submissive scenarios in which his wife likes to immerse herself.  The funny aspect is that Frank tackles this onslaught of new information like an accountant!  For instance working out the percentages of what Wendy likes from her Kindle data, but he’s determined to surprise and delight his wife with the kind of evening she’s been lustfully dreaming of.  His research, purchases and new attitude pay off, and soon lead to the couple to try more BDSM scenarios, described in detail but with humour and love, as befits a couple who have been married for 13  years.
This is an erotic story aimed at women, as it’s all about (as the title says) What Wendy Wants, but many men could glean tips from this book – it’s a lighthearted read, and informative if you are new to the idea of Sub and Dom scenarios.

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  1. Ohhhh, some books to add to my must read pile. I’ve never heard of Kris Rafferty, but I think we’ll become really good friends 😉
    Nikki Sex is one I do know well, but i have not read this one. Can’t wait. It sounds delightful!!!

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