Vive Le Dirty Weekend (part 2 of 2)

Ooo La La! Saucy!

If you’re curious what led up to this adventure start with [Part 1]

One Night in Paris [Part 2] 

The walk back to the hotel is punctuated with lots of stops in shadowy doorways for us to kiss deeply, our tongues probing each other’s mouths with tantalising swirls and stabs.  I let my pussy scented hands touch his face and I pant with desire as we kiss.  He reaches down and pulls my dress up, pressing his fingers into my my wet swollen lips, finger fucking me like we’re teenagers, almost growling with desire.  Each time we stop to fumble with each other we care  a little less about whether passers by can see what we are doing.  I feel his swollen cock hot and hard in the front of his jeans, he presses it against my thigh and dry humps me – the poppers at my crotch are undone and the fabric swings open, his fingers are thrusting in and out of my gaping pussy so hard that I cum a little, clinging to him as the waves of lust and passion wash over me.  He very theatrically licks his fingers before grabbing my hand with his damp one and dragging at me.  We have to get to our room soon so that I can do bad things to him on that huge bed.  My mind is a whirl of plans and scenarios as I stumble behind him on orgasm-weakened legs.

Once in in the room my fella sits on the edge of the bed and pulls me to stand in front of him.  He puts his hands up my dress again, pulling the hem up so that he can feast his eyes on my stocking clad thighs.

“What a sight” he almost groans, stroking my silky dark stockings and then the smooth pale skin above them.  He holds the gusset part of my undies aside, gazing longingly at the white triangle that is my mons, baby soft and smooth, with a trail of short hairs that line the split of my pussy.  Cupping my bare arse cheeks with his large hands he pulls me closer and latches his lips onto my pussy, focusing on the tiny area that is my erect clit he sucks and licks and stimulates it with his warm tongue until I’m almost crazy with desire. I feel hot and horny, so I reach for the side zip and shrug my shoulders out of the dress, pulling the straps and cups of my underwear  down I cup and fondle my breasts.  It feels so thrilling to be stimulated in two erogenous zones at once.  

My mind surfaces from its lust fog to realise that he’s still fully dressed so I push at his shoulders to make him sink back on the bed.  I pull at the metal button and flies on his jeans and drag them apart to release his cock from its confines. It springs up strong and proud, a droplet of pre-cum already visible at the tip.  Taking control a little more, I move away from the bed, divesting myself of my dress and underwear, I move to the drawer where my toys are stashed.  My first find is a pair of tiny, silver nipple clamps and also a soft blindfold.

I sashay back to stand in front of him, now wearing only the black lace holdups and my high black shoe boots.  I stand with my legs apart and my hands on my hips, channelling my most dominant expression.  He gulps as he gazes at me, but the enthusiasm of his swelling cock is hard to disguise, it’s throbbing with anticipation.

“Do you want to touch me?”  I purr, letting my fingers trail over and around the swells of my breasts, I lift the weight of them towards him, as if offering them to for caress. He is mesmerised and he nods.
“Well, Slave, you’ll have to wait!”  I snap in a firmer voice.  “Mistress wants to play first!”
Then I reach forward, breasts swaying, to slide the eye mask over his face blocking his view.  I lean in to kiss his lips and he responds, eagerly, until I catch his bottom lip between my teeth.  He knows me well enough to realise that his pleasure is going to be accompanied by some pain!

Without any warning I open one clamp and fasten it onto the dark skin of his left nipple.  He startles a little but stays silent, I follow up by attaching the other clamp.  He stays silent but I note his breathing has got shallower and faster.  My pussy clenches with excitement, I love to be in charge as much as I love to submit!  I guess that’s not the norm, but it works for us!
I flick at the clamps and he groans quietly, adjusting to their relentless bite, I get close to his ear and whisper “Who’s in charge?”
“You Mistress,” is his reply.

Feeling pretty smug about my obedient companion, I move to the bedside table to locate a black, multi speed vibrator, a purple silicone anal toy and a very small anal plug, along with a container of extra slippery lube.  I place them on the bed beside my ‘slave’ and I pump some lube onto my fingers and begin to massage and stroke the jutting flesh of his cock. He groans with appreciation and joy so I keep up a constant series of firm strokes and pulls up and down the length of him, letting his foreskin shift up and down, which he likes, before I begin to concentrate more on the root area of his cock and around his balls.  I lift, massage and stroke these, moving them gently yet firmly around in their wrinkled sacks while occasionally going back to his shaft to stroke and smooth.  I allow my attention to focus back to his balls again and the pad of skin behind them, the perineum, which I massage and stroke as it is surely the root of his cock, while I prepare a decent squirt of lube which I begin to massage in and around the puckered dark skin of his arsehole.

My slave groans, so I reach up to torment his nipples again by agitating the clamps.  His groan gets louder and I’m assuming he’s moved into the blurry headspace where pleasure is pain, torment is a reward and feeling dirty and humiliated (as my obedient fuck toy) is his only wish.  I allow the tip of my finger to slide into his a/hole as I massage the glutinous lube around, he sucks in his breath and his thighs spread apart a little more, yeah I’m confident he wants this.  I take up the silicone anal toy and coat one end with more lube, it is designed like a pyramid of five beads fused together, escalating from small to gradually larger until the largest, which is no bigger than a gobstopper or marble.  I’ve never used this on him before, but as I pop the first silicone sphere inside him I feel moisture gathering at my entrance, it looks so wickedly seductive. I swirl it around a little to let my fella feel it’s invasion and get used to it.  I slide my hand up and down his slippery pole to distract him then press the toy a little further in ‘til another ‘bead’ pushes past his ring of muscle.  

“How does that feel Slave?” my tone is stern, but I’m watching his face for clues.
“Wonderful Mistress,” he sighs, and I can see his breathing, deep with arousal.
“You are making your Mistress very proud” I whisper near his ear, while tweaking each nipple clamp in turn, which makes him groan out loud. Time to press in another bead’s girth, and twirl the toy a little so it stretches and pulls a little on the sphincter muscle. Although I haven’t used this toy on my fella before, I have done my research (tried it on myself) so I know it is quite a delightful sensation once you’ve allowed it in!  

I’m getting off on having him at my mercy, and plundering him like a girl, my pussy is so wet it has clear strings of arousal drooling from it.  I decide to leave the toy 3 sunk beads in him while I see to my own needs for a moment, so I climb onto the bed and kneel astride his shoulders.  The cool air on my hot wet cunt lips is a delicious sensation and I’m pretty sure my scent is drifting towards my slave’s nose.   I stroke at my pussy lips languorously and then press my sopping fingers to his mouth and instruct him, “Suck!”
He’s so enthusiastic licking and sucking at my fingers that I move into a position where I can lower my pussy down to his mouth.  I take my weight with my hands and delight in the sensation of him lapping at my swollen, sensitive lips.  He gives good head, my fella, and I am soon dizzy with the sensations he brings, licking and sucking at my labia and clit.
I must be firm with myself as much as with him, my climax was creeping up on me then, and I haven’t finished my cat and mouse game of torment!

I resume my position at his shoulders, with my pussy splayed open above his head, and I power up my black vibrator.  I set it to the throb pattern which I like: short short long and I drive it’s matt black bullet shape in and around my gash for a few moments of selfish pleasure, before gently removing my fella’s blindfold.  He blinks and squints for a bit, trying to adjust his light-sensitive eyes used to the room, but soon he is focusing on me.  I hover above him, pleasuring myself, so near and yet out of reach until I give him permission. I’m so wet with arousal that I’m making the black vibrator shiny with pussy juice.  My slave’s eyes are fixed on my slit as I begin thrusting it in and out of my gaping hole, groaning as I do.

“It’s so good” I moan, “it’s stretching me, but I love it!”
I take it out and drag it up my body, leaving a sticky trail before I press it to my nipple and bite my lip at what it’s doing to me.  I sink it back in my pussy for more deep thrusts, then I repeat the process with my other nipple.  I feel so horny now, that I need to distract myself to slow things down, so I swing my leg to the side and bend down to my slave, arse in the air, bringing my face near his teat trapped in the clamp.  I switch off and drop the vibe so I can bring my hand up and release the nipple, then I quickly fasten my lips to his breast.  He groans as the sensation floods back, but reduces as I suck hard, then lave the bud with my tongue.  I lean over him further until his other nipple is near, then I do the same thing, sucking hard then more gently as feeling returns to the tender area.  Both his nipples look delightfully dark and erect and I feel a tingle in my own in response. Bracing myself I place a clamp on each of my own breasts, the smarting and aching I immediately feel has my pussy clenching and pulsing.  Straightening up so that my fella can see what I’m wearing on my titties, I see his face darken with desire.

I move down the bed a little so that I’m beside his hips, I hitch up one of his legs so that it’s bent at the knee and his hip is spread wide.  I grip the anal toy and begin to slowly thrust it in and out of him, knowing that the stimulation of his anal ring is going to feel very good very quickly.  I know he feels uneasy, perhaps humiliated to be held in this position and played with in this way, but when we are role playing that he’s my slave he likes to be pushed over the edges of his comfort zone, so I carry on and soon I can see the desire written all over his face.  I allow the toy to press a little further, he is taking in four of the beads now and his cock is bobbing with little muscle spasms.  My thrusting action is making my tits bounce and the nipple clamps have me in their burning bite, I’m going to have to mount my slave in a minute, but I have one more boundary to push.

I kneel astride my fella once more, legs either side of his hips and I lean forward to lap at his nipples, but as I do I’m also applying pressure to the lube pump and gathering a gob of clear goo to smear around the tiny butt plug.  Having licked each of his nipples in turn I reach back and nestle the plug at my own tight anal whorl, before gently sliding it inside me.  I’m so horny and relaxed, with my legs spread wide apart, that it slips in with ease, I’m surprised when it’s sort of ‘sucked’ into position.  I feel a sense of fullness that is wonderful and thrilling at the same time – my whole body is humming with desire.

“Slave,” I say in a commanding tone, “your Mistress wishes to be fucked!  Pleasure me, and be sure to make me cum!”
unsnapping the nipple clamps, I’m assualted by a heightened tingling and burning in my tender buds, while simultaneously my slave’s thick rod ploughs into my hungry pussy.   He presses and pinches my nipples as my breasts bob in time with his hard thrusts, his hot flesh plunders me, filling me more completely than ever before, my whole pelvis feels stimulated and throbs with a great hunger.  I want to thrust my hips and fuck him like a deranged rabbit, but he’s placed his hands on my shoulders to hold me down to him as he thrusts up.  I realise my desire is turning my limbs to liquid and am shocked that I’m cumming already, my head drops back and I all I can say is “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”.  I don’t want him to stop and I can’t believe it feels so good.  My climax washes over me and envelops me in warm colours and building, crashing sensations. I’m vaguely aware that the clenches and throbs my pussy usually makes during orgasm are doubled or tripled in power with the plug buried in my butt.

I’m dimly aware of my fella cumming too, I can feel him throb and perhaps I can even feel the spurt of his ejaculate inside me!  But it’s like I’m having an out of body experience because the ripples of my orgasm still haven’t stopped! I’m panting and even clenching with my eyelids, tears squeezing out of their corners, as my hips and stomach buck forwards with involuntary thrusts.

Eventually I roll off and lie beside him, resting my head on his shoulder, trying to catch my breath.  When I can talk again I ask him if I was too rough.
“What? No not at all!”  he smiles and kisses my lips and rubs at one nipple with his knuckle.  I cringe away a bit because they are sore.  His had far more time in the clamp, so I have to conclude he has a higher pain threshold than mine!

“What was that thing you used on me?”  He asks with curiosity, so I show him the clear purple toy.  “Shit!  It felt much bigger than that, I thought it must be one of your dildos!”
“Would I?”  I ask, but there’s a mischievous glint in my eye!
I reach back to ease the little plug out of my own butt and he eyes it with caution.  He knows there’s a danger I’ll use it on him another time, but I’d loved it.  The double penetration was fabulous; now I know what all the fuss is about, maybe he’ll never get a turn with it!
Eventually I feel enough bones return to my body to get up and shower, then while my fella takes his turn I slide on a silky wisp of a chemise then clean and tidy away the toys.

Getting into the huge bed with its cool, crisp sheets, we tangle our legs together and snuggle for a bit, before falling asleep.  The next morning I gradually surfaced to consciousness still feeling tingly and horny.  My bruised nipples were super sensitive, even the light, silky brush of my chemise chafing had stimulated them all night. My sleep had been filled with dirty dreams of dominance and submission, in which I was forced to dance naked in front of strangers, then being licked and sucked and fucked by whoever wanted me had my pussy feeling juicy and swollen. The feel of my lover’s early morning erection pressing against the crack of my arse had me plotting how best to satisfy myself and him, even though I could hear his breath was still deep and even with sleep.  Reaching out to the bedside cabinet I located a little round tin of pleasure balm and spread some around my nipples, holy moley!!  It gave a minty fresh sensation, with tingles which were very arousing.  I put another smear on my fingertip then rubbed it round and on my clit, OMG!  The chill was so thrilling while the coldness and sensitivity seemed to grow and spread, till my pussy felt like a vortex of swirling, icy sensations and I felt that I was very, very wet.  My heart thumps with desire and excitement as I lie there, experiencing these new, strange sensations, but my yearning to be fucked very hard is growing so I need my partner in crime to participate.

From the drawer I select an icy blue coloured cock ring, it got soft, stimulating spikes around it and a little battery and a button.  I scooch down under the duvet facing my fella and begin to lick and suck at his cock, which is almost at full strength already.  He moans and stretches while still half asleep and I take that moment to stretch out the ring and sink it over his erection, letting it tighten back up again while I settle it at the base, against his balls.  As I continue to suck his glans into the warm cavern of my mouth, I depress the button, setting the device into vibration mode.  He’s not sleepy any more, but wondering what’s going on with his dick and is he going to enjoy it!  I’m confident he will!
“What’re you up to you little minx?” he asks me with a playful spank and cupping motion on my arse.
“Does it feel good?”  I asked, nibbling his neck.
“Mmmmm,” he growled with satisfaction.  “You feel good!” and he takes a buttock in each hand and massages and spread and pulls at them, making my gushing wetness leak out of my pussy and spread around.

I hold his throbbing member at my slit and rub it around my clit and lips, juicing him up ready for entry.  Whilst I haven’t forgotten about the balm because of the tingles it’s giving me, I haven’t really thought about transferring it to him, but his startled look tells me he can feel it already.
“What’s going on, I feel cold but tingly, it’s like toothpaste! And that thing around my cock, it’s making me feel extra hard.  C’mere wench, you deserve a good seeing to!”
So saying he flips me over and pushes me from behind till I’m on my knees and elbows, my rear in the air and his thrusting, buzzing cock is shafting me from behind.  I grunt and groan with lust as I feel him nudging my g-spot with his deep thrusts, and with my hands  free I’m able to diddle and play with my clit until I’m nearly ready to cum.
“Harder!” I beg, he pounds at me several more times.
“Fuck!” he cries out as we spasm and cum together, sinking and collapsing onto the bed.
He pumps his cum inside me and I squeeze at him with my inner walls, throbbing and twitching and feeling satisfied.

Later that day, after a cafe breakfast with strong coffee and croissants, we set off to see some sights, the Notre Dame gothic church was visible from our hotel but we visit the Arc de Triomphe,  the Louvre, we take in parks and lakes and shops.  We walk till our feet are hot and tired but we take breaks in cafes whenever we feel hungry or thirsty.  

A final hi-light of our naughty city break is the lingerie shopping!  I spot a tiny boutique as we walk around and dart in, totally entranced by the fabulous colours, the dainty lace and trims and the alluring styles.  The prices don’t seem too bad, but I still have no idea what my size is in France.  The young woman at the counter speaks broken english but she’s willing to help size me so I go into the curtained changing room and get down to my undies (a dark chocolate coloured lacy balconette bra set) then the assistant comes in and sized me by eye.  Given what I’ve been up to yesterday and this morning, I feel pretty body confident, glowing with that ‘just got shagged’ look.  She’s soon back with a few bras for me to try on and she watches me critically as I do, feeling how the straps sit and testing with her fingers how snugly the cups hold me, she’s very professional about it.  Eventually I select another balconette bra which holds my tits up with a lovely fleshy dome to them, like ‘kittens in a basket’ if you can imagine!  It’s made of stretchy lace in a pale latte colour, with accents of hot pink, as are the panties which are seamed to sit between the cheeks of my bum enhancing my curves to a pleasant, peachy shape.  I opened the curtain to let my fella have a look, his eyes nearly bug out of his head and he nods enthusiastically.  He puts down his credit card to pay for it all (I added some fishnet hold-ups) and as we leave the shop arm, he told me that he’s got a hard on from imagining the lady handling my boobs while helping me select the right size bra.
There are so many things from this Paris break to treasure and I know I’ll remember our exploits for a long time.

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