If it Doesn’t Hurt it Isn’t Fun!

I am paraphrasing Lady Gaga here!  Apologies Dark Darlings – I left you on a cliffhanger with Josie’s adventure into the shady world of BDSM, so here is part 2, in which Josie gets up-close and personal in the Master’s dungeon, and learns that she loves to hand over control and free will.

Cleaner Close (Part 2)

Although the mask obscured the face except for the eyes, Josie was pretty sure she was in a lot of trouble – not only for neglecting her duties, but she had been caught masturbating – her hands literally down her pants!  She did her best to gather her composure, straightening her skirt and wiping her hands surreptitiously on the bunched up bed-sheet, she tried to make an apology.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me!  I‘ve never done this before.
I was just in here to make up the beds … but I got distracted by what was on the television.”  She gestured towards the flat screen, where she could see the slave still knelt in cuffs, with a plug in her rear and a vibrator buzzing in her pussy, but now apparently alone.

Initially the person in the PVC suit stayed silent, looking Josie over as if she was a commodity for sale .  Then, stepping closer, lifted the edge of her flared skirt and studied her lovely legs in the black holdups, the white slice of flesh above and then the lacy black thong which barely covered her mound.  Next the Master took her hand and indicated that she should stand, she did so but her legs felt as if they wouldn’t hold her.  She was turned to face away and she felt the Master trail a fine whip up from shoe heel to her buttocks, raising the edge of her skirt to view the curves of her arse. It was unnerving, but it was also tantalising, Josie was enjoying this scrutiny, even though she was terrified that she would lose her job for behaving so inappropriately.

Finally Josie was turned to face forward again and the Master spoke:
“So you think that you have been watching a porn channel?”  the voice was metallic and distorted.
Josie nodded, biting her lip.
“Did you like what you saw?”
The question surprised her, but honesty seemed the best policy.
“Yes I did.  I didn’t realise I liked that sort of stuff – punishing and obedience – but I did.  It was exciting, dangerous …” she trailed off, sensing her nipples tightening as she thought about the lewd acts she’d seen and how wet and aroused she had become.
Master’s eyes seemed very intense, the pupils dilated.
“Is it something you would like to try?”
Josie’s heart pounded, her pulse thundered in her ears, what was she letting herself in for?  She gave a small nod.
“First lesson.  A slave must always speak clearly, in particular when asking their Master to punish them, and a slave must always be grateful for whatever they receive. An obedient slave with good manners is the best kind.  I will ask again, is it something you would like to try?”
“Yes please Master, I would like to be punished.”  Josie could never have imagined herself saying those words, but the thrill she felt speaking them was intense.
“Very well.  You are dressed very prettily, but we need one more thing.”  Master moved to a drawer in the bureau and opened it, to select a black leather collar and a lead. This was fastened round Josie’s throat and the lead attached.  Moving round behind her, she felt her arms coaxed back and straps placed round her wrists – handcuffs she supposed, like the other slave wore.  As Master took the lead and walked ahead, a tiny voice in her brain asked ‘what are you doing?’  But it was easy to ignore when a greater part of Josie was excited about the thrills to come!

Master led Josie to a staircase, which went up to rooms on the floor above.  These weren’t in her remit to clean – so had never seen them.  This floor housed the rooms where the window shutters were kept closed.
“Walk ahead of me Slave – I want to savour your delicious legs in that short skirt as you mount the stairs.  Looking up your dress I’ll enjoy the illicit sight of your bottom and thong, I’m horny thinking about it.”
Josie climbed the stairs, her spiked heels striking the wooden treads, her hips swaying.
“I’ve been watching you work around the house,” Master continued,
“I love how you look in the uniform I chose.  I always wedge the vacuum cleaner deep in the cupboard so that you must  bend over & struggle to reach it.  Those stolen glimpses of your pert rear in that short skirt arouse me.  I see everything you do – I have cameras in all the rooms – and a live feed from the Discipline Zone, as you discovered this morning.”

Josie struggled to process this information.  So – she had never truly been alone in the house, there had been eyes on her at all times;  when she knelt on the floor to scrub or reached high to dust pictures, and certainly when she had been pleasuring herself today.  Everything had been watched (and probably recorded) – she was coming to realise that the Gravesons were rather deviant!  It explained the need for the waterproof mattress covers and the restraints on the guest bed she’d discovered!  Her mind was racing about what went on at weekends and with anticipation as to what she’d find in the Discipline Zone.

Master pulled on her lead & and Josie stopped by a door while he entered a code onto the keypad, as the door swung open they moved forward into an ultra modern space which was all hard surfaces and bright lights.  Her high heels clicked on the floor as she was led, like a dog, into a room which had racks of whips and spanking devices hung from the wall.  She caught a glimpse of the slave she had been watching previously – she was still kneeling obediently, looking down at the floor.  Josie could see that the plug currently poking from her anus was larger than before and she glimpsed the glistening juices of arousal coating her pouting cunny lips – they appeared to be waxed smooth and her spanking earlier had made them engorged with blood, the sight of which gave Josie a twist of desire deep in her core.

“Pay attention!” Master rebuked her, pulling on her collar and switching her bottom with his whip.
“Yes Master,” Josie gulped, her bottom stinging from the swipe.
Next she felt the zip in her black dress being lowered, the ties of her apron being loosened and she soon stood wearing only her black bra & thong.
“Spread your legs” came the command and Josie was efficiently attached by the ankles to a bar which held them a couple of feet apart.  Master had undone the wrist cuffs to remove her dress, but they were not replaced, Josie was instructed to put her arms at her sides in order to be restrained instead with thigh to wrist restraints.  As the black leather straps were fastened around her thighs, the feeling of restriction and helplessness made her nipples tighten and something dark and yearning unfurl in her core. Josie knew that the Master could see and smell her increasing pleasure, her pussy was soaking again and the clear juices of her arousal oozed out and onto the white tops of her thighs.

“Open your mouth.” she was instructed.  Master moved in front of her and examined her teeth and tongue.  
“This will be my mouth to command now – you will suck cock when I say, you will lick pussy on command and you will enjoy it.”
“Yes Master,” God – it felt hot to be so controlled.
“Now – pay close attention,”  the Master moved towards the other slave and bent to remove the ball gag from her mouth.
“Thank you Master” came the other’s soft response.
“Did you cum Slave?” Master circled around her to switch off the buzzing of the vibrator lodged in her cunt.
“No Master”
Josie could hardly believe it, the amount of time she had been stimulated by the vibe alone.
“Would you like to cum?”
“Yes please Master,” her servile response contained a note of desperation.
The Master began to unzip a patch in the groin area of the PVC suit – and now Josie knew for sure the Master was a man as his strong, firm cock sprang forward and stood proud – its purple head glistening with droplets of pre-cum.  She felt more twinges of arousal at the sight, which turned to envy as the Master stood behind his other slave, grasping her hips and running his engorged penis back and forth along the juicy slit of her labia.  The slick sound of his movements could clearly be heard.
“Pleeeease Master, I beg you, fuck your unworthy slave.  I want to worship you with my cunt.  Please take pleasure from me any way you choose. Pleeeease Master …” the slave begged him tearfully, but was silenced by a sudden, hard thrust of his hips.  He ploughed into her to the hilt, then withdrew almost to the tip before he began pumping in and out of her in earnest.  She sobbed as she came, which was almost instantly, but the Master kept thrusting.  One hand reached under her torso to slap and pull painfully at her breasts, Josie could see the nipples being elongated by his pinching fingers, and she felt an echoing ache in her own breasts, the dark flesh of her nipples tightening accompanied by a feeling of heaviness which seemed to send signals of lust down to her pussy.  Josie hadn’t known depravity excited her this way, but it surely did!

Master watched Josie over his shoulder as he pumped and plundered his slave doggy style, his hips thrusting energetically.  He wanted to see her reaction to his dominance.  His submissive seemed to be cumming a second time judging by the yelping and groaning.
“Do you want more you dirty girl?” Master growled at her – while his eyes bored into Josie, who was squirming for stimulation, which her tethered hands and feet would not allow.
“Yes Master, I want it all,” the slave replied. “Use me.  My arse is ready for you master, you know I’m a dirty girl.”
“Indeed slave, it has been stretching for me all morning.  Does it burn?”
“A little Master.”
“I want you to describe everything you are feeling – our new slave needs to know how lucky she is to be under my control.”  As he spoke the Master drew his penis out of the submissive’s hungry pussy.  Juices glistened on its veiny surface and Josie so wanted to rub herself for some relief, but her hands were still firmly fastened at her sides.
“You will suck me clean after this,” he told Josie and she licked her lips in anticipation.

Carefully he grasped the base of the butt plug and slowly eased it out of the still moaning sub, then still ‘lubed’ with pussy juice he eased himself slowly but firmly into her tight back entrance.
“O Master, it burns…. “  she groaned and panted, “but it feels good!  Fill me up master. Uuuunh  uuuunh uuuunh, ”  her words became indistinct, grunts in time with each of her Master’s thrusts.  He had not yet buried himself right to the hilt, but was thrusting ¾  of the way in each time.
“I’m coming bitch, prepare to receive my seed!” the Master drew back almost all the way out and then slammed his cock into the submissive all the way this last time.
His roar of climax and the slave girl’s scream were simultaneous, and then silence … except all three of them were breathing heavily.  
Josie had never seen such a shockingly arousing performance, even without a stimulating touch she felt she was building towards a climax.  She tried to imagine what it must feel like to have such a lengthy and thick cock in her own back passage.  Definitely the stretch would burn and ache, but was it delicious too?  Had the submissive cum from being plundered this way?

Josie became aware that her Master was standing in front of her, expectantly, expecting her to lick and suck his penis clean.  It still stood, semi engorged and she was eager to get her lips around it and (hopefully) suck him to another orgasm, but the spreader was still between her legs so she was not sure if she could sink to her knees unaided.
“Kneel and suck – Slave!” as Master issued this command he took her arms and pressed her down, whilst preventing her from toppling over.  As her face neared his groin she could smell the mixed fluids of arousal and cum coating his member, but it made her more enthusiastic to comply.  He held her firm for a moment and used his member to slap her on both cheeks, where she felt it leave a trail of goo, but she maintained eye contact with him and opened her mouth – conveying her submission with a look.  

He slid it in – her first taste of her Master was acrid and sharp – but she lapped at the helmet of his cock with her tongue and wrapped her lips around it, laving his frenulum with massaging motions that she knew he would enjoy.  Covering her teeth with her lips she let her head sink onto his penis and began to travel up and down its length, her cheeks hollowed from the suction she was applying.  Whilst she bobbed up and down on his member, sucking harder than a pussy ever can, she heard Master groan a little and he sunk his fingers into her hair, not to control her speed, but instead to press her to swallow him deeper.  His member was thick and long, but she opened her mouth wide and relaxed her throat so soon she had gone down on him much further than before.  

Each time she withdrew and travelled up to the tip of him she looked deep into his eyes and massaged the ridge of the frenula with the tip and the flat of her tongue.  Josie became aware that her Master was on the edge of his climax so she maintained pace and pressure, even though her throat began to burn and her lips were beginning to feel numb.  Suddenly she was rewarded with his cum pumping into her mouth in time with the pulsing of his cock.  
“Fuck!” he exclaimed.  “Take it all you dirty girl” he snarled, his hips bucking.
She sucked and swallowed;  And kept swallowing until it was all gone, and still she licked him, more gently now, until he took her chin in his hand and said, “Enough slave.”
“Thank you Master” Josie raised her eyes to his and thought she detected a glint of satisfaction there.

“I wonder, Slave, how this – your  first training session – should end.”  Master pondered a while, both his submissives waited patiently for his next command.  Josie’s heart-beat was loud in her head, her arousal had made her limbs feel heavy and her nipples and clit were tingling with sensitivity.  She longed to have her desire satisfied, but realised her wishes would not be given the slightest consideration.  

Master moved towards  a cabinet and opened a drawer to bring out a shiny latex pair of pants which had a round aperture at the front – he held them out for the other slave to step into and pulled them up to her hips.  Next he freed her arms from their cuffs – while he turned away to search in the cabinet once more she shook her arms to restore circulation, making a quick sideways glance in Josie’s direction.  Master returned with a heavily-textured dildo which he proceeded to attach, with a twisting motion, to the front aperture of the  submissive’s black latex underwear, at which point Josie realised that her fate was to be  fucked by a naked female slave wearing a large dlido – some girl on girl action for the Master’s entertainment. Josie could barely suppress her horny smile of delight.

To be continued …

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  1. Anonymous


    I have read this before on another site…and it's still HOT!

    The detail of it is what makes it so good. Every moment captured perfectly for the reader.

    Again, you draw us in and hook us with your writing and make us feel like we're a part of the experience!

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