Playing Dare with a Bad Girl (part 1 of 2)

Long haired blonde doll in sexy pose
Today I am posting a brand new story here, which I only just finished writing. It’s in 2 parts, so use ‘next post’ to find the sequel.

I have a new lover!  Like the song by Goldfrapp he is a ‘Strict Machine’.  We haven’t met up yet, but he likes to issue instructions over Skype.  He stays remote, watching me play with myself and titillating him via the webcam.  Kinky huh??  I love it!

Today I don’t have any lectures at college, so can enjoy a lie in, breakfast & a leisurely shower, then I throw on my Chinese robe and apply a flick of eyeliner & mascara before sitting down in front of my laptop to wait for Big to call me.  (I call him Big – he calls me Carrie – it’s a Sex and the City reference).  

There it is, the familiar “beep-bop” sound of an incoming Skype call,  my pulse picks up as I make the connection. Big’s silhouette comes onto the screen.  To add to the mystery he’s poorly lit so that I can only see the vaguest outline of the guy, but I know he can see me clearly so I smile at him while thinking wicked thoughts about what we’d do if we  were in the same room…

“Good Morning Carrie.  You’re looking lovely as ever.”

“Good Morning to you too, I wish you were here.”  I pout a little and twist a lock of hair around my finger.

“I had an early meeting and soon I have to be across town for another meeting, but I want to catch up with you later today – are you be free at 4 pm?”

“Sure Lover, I’ve put the whole day aside for you.  Can’t we play a little now?”  I plead with my eyes and let my slippery silk robe slide off my shoulder.  As it drops it exposes almost the entire orb of my left breast, but I act ‘unaware’, whilst hoping this glimpse of my milky white skin and peachy nipple are making him feel horny.

“Unfortunately not, my little concubine,”  he replies in his deep, compelling voice, “but I do have some challenges  for you to complete today… or should I call them dares?  Some of them may take you outside your comfort zone.”

A chill crawls up my spine at his warning tone, I don’t know Big well yet so I am unsure what kind of challenges he might have dreamed up, but I can also feel a tell-tale warmth and wetness gathering between my legs, I know I want to do this.

“Challenge away,” I gaze into the screen and straighten my back with resolve (it make my tits jut out too, no bad thing!)

“We will start by you providing your mobile number, so that I can text you on the move.”

I reel it off and can see him tapping it into his device.  Next thing I hear a ping on my phone and an unknown number has texted [Got it] back to me.

“I think we already established that you have intimate waxing Carrie” Big continues.


I do indeed!  I love how smooth it makes my pussy lips and they stay hairless for a good fortnight.  Even the waxing process is kind of sexy as the therapist is thorough, making sure to wax me from in front, behind and in between the outer lips, the stroking on of hot wax and the way the heat travels inside my pussy is not unpleasant at all!


“You will get a parcel delivery just after this call, and I want you to unwrap it straight away and use the contents on yourself.  It’s a ‘pussy pump’ and its purpose is to use suction to stimulate your inner and outer labia so they become swollen and engorged with blood.  I would like to watch as you use it, so please use the webcam to capture your activities and then forward the video to me.”

My mind is whirling with the strangeness of the request, Big gives me an e-mail address to use.  Next he asks me to take my laptop over to the bed so that he can look at my naked body.  

We have done this on previous occasions so I know just where to position myself so that the webcam on my laptop can see me from head to (almost) toe and I lie back and open my silky robe and spread it away from my bare flesh, my nipples already peaking and making hard little points in the fleshy fullness of my breasts.  I cup and lift them a little, using my finger and thumb to pinch and roll the hardened nipple flesh, the pressure is very arousing and I feel a pull of desire deep between my legs.  I let my hands travel down my body, smoothing my stomach and teasing around the dip of my navel before moving lower to smooth the fronts of my thighs and around my hips, making the skin tingle and a yearning to be touched more deeply begins.  I look at the screen, where the silhouette of Big appears to be watching intently, then I let my eyes close and my hand moves up to stroke my neck and cheek, as a lover would, before trailing a finger between my lips and catching it with my teeth.

“Pinch your nipples Carrie!  Pinch and pull them. Make them buzz and tingle.  I want them to ache with desire.”  Big’s voice is deep, with a husky hint of lust so I comply with his commands.

Using fingers and thumbs I roll the puckered flesh while pulling away from my body, so the flesh stretches and becomes plump and super sensitive, my nipples become full and engorged and the desire starts to pool between my legs.  I pinch down really hard on each nipple intermittently – the pressure is far from unpleasant, I wanted it!  My wicked body wants to be abused!  My mind races as fast as the good sensations transmit round my body. I want to build on these feelings while putting on a good show for Big. I pull free the silky tie of my robe and wrap it around my breasts in a figure eight formation, tightening it until my breasts bulge & stand away from my body. The fabric bites into my soft white flesh causing my hard, darkened nipples poke out proudly while my heart pounds.

“I would cum on those breasts Carrie.  I would spank them with a paddle and pump my load across those tormented teats.  Would you like that Carrie?”

I nod and begin to massage and stroke my tits again, as if I’m smoothing ropes of his thick cum over and around them.  I know this will get him hot and I’m enjoying the dirty image too.  If only I could reach to lick my own nipples, that would be the icing on the cake (so to speak!) but my boobs are not quite big enough for that! Instead I lick my fingers and trail them around the nipples until each one is glossy.

“O Carrie you can’t imagine how hot you look doing that, what a minxy bad girl you are!  I have to run now, but please don’t play with yourself any more until my parcel is delivered.

Remember I want to see exactly what it does to you!  And don’t forget there will be further instructions later regarding what to wear and do before we meet back online at 4.”

Big signs off Skype, leaving me high and dry! (That’s the saying) . My cunt is far from dry after all that nipple play!  I’m feeling pretty frustrated for sure, but also excited and nervous regarding his planned game of dare.  I feel glad Big will instruct me what to wear,  as I’ve already had the nerve-wracking thought that his instructions could be: leave the house naked!  I sit on the bed with my legs crossed and grab my phone;  in a few clicks I’ve created Big as a contact and assigned him a ringtone which is personal to him.

Bzzzzzzzzzzz!  My intercom sounds so I go to investigate. The DPD parcel guy needs me to sign for Big’s package, so I throw my coat over my robe, grab my key and scamper down the stairs to take in the delivery.  It’s an innocuous looking parcel, nothing to indicate a sex toy is contained within. I hurry back upstairs to see the goods.  I unwrap an odd looking thing, with overtones of the medical, like an oxygen mask, except that it‘s a bright pink!  As I check the supplier’s website I research how to use the device, reading some customer ratings. I feel a tingle of excitement building:  people have not only experienced pleasure from using the pump, but it can increase labia owner’s sensitivity.  Kerching!  I like the prospect of that!

Before I settle back on my bed & start recording, I grab a hand mirror

and some lube. I’m curious to see as well as feel what the pump does to my pussy. I press the clear cup part of the apparatus to my mound after smearing some lube round its edge, it covers my entire slit.  I understand why shaved or waxed is better, it’ll get much better suction.  I cautiously squeeze the bulb to make a vacuum.  Nothing happens, I wonder if I’m not average size making the pump a bad fit. I squeeze and release again.  This time I feel a pull, and a pressure from the cup section around my pussy, not sexy, but not unpleasant.  I pump once more.

Wow!  Now I feel the cup is locked onto my sex, sucking hard (I can see my outer lips being dragged down through the clear plastic sides of the cup) there’s also a heavy, pulling sensation IN my pussy!  It reminds me of when the foreplay and teasing goes on a long time and my cunt becomes heavy with lust.

I’m unsure, however, where to take things from here?  Do I pump and hold it, letting the blood flow into my labia gradually? or should I pump and hold in short, repeated bursts?  I squeeze the pump once more, ‘til it’s alarmingly tight, painful almost. That’s when I use a little valve to release some pressure off and let the cup sit, suctioned against my pussy.  I peer at the clear pink tinted cup and bring my mirror up so that I can get a better look, my pussy lips look a lot bigger!  Quite stretched out and  puffy, my clit too is clearly visible nestled between the distended lips – yeah Big is going to enjoy watching this footage! The drag and tingle sensations in my pussy are building and increasing and I find I am playing with my nipples without realising.  I lick my lips  with desire and nerves, I really want to pump a little more, to see if I can stand increased pressure. I squeeze the bulb and then slowly release it.

“Uuuhhh”  I moan as it drags my cunt lips down and sucks at me like no lover has ever done before.  I’m pinching and pulling at my nipples distractedly and feeling hot and horny.  I reach into my bedside drawer and pull out a nipple suction pump.  It’s a similar principle really, a rubber bulb makes suction which you apply to your nipples – there are 2 sizes of pump and I find the larger one fits my c-cup boobs better.  Placing the bulb over my nipple I press and release, through the clear tube portion of the pump I can easily see my nipple tip being pulled and elongated by the suction.  It is both fascinating and stimulating,  I do this a few times on each nipple and the tingling and aching seems hot-wired to my pussy, which is being “tortured” in much the same way.  Leaving the nipple pump sucking hard on my left tit, I reach down and release the pussy pump and run my fingers over the fleshy swollen area, by now my lips are very engorged and sensitive and my clit is protruding out – touching that little stalk gives a delicious electric shock.  I run my fingers around the whole area, in exploratory wonder, little moans escaping my lips, I know Big is going to be lapping this up when he views it!

Time for an increase in vacuum, so I re-apply the oxygen-mask looking pump to my pussy and squeeze and release until I feel pressure that’s almost pain, but that’s what I like, it’s what I’ve always liked.  In the same way that Big being in control makes me hot, imagining that my sexual urges cannot be contained, that I dance to THEIR tune, so Big treating me like a living sex toy pushes all my buttons in a good way.  I suppose he is my Dom and I am his sub, but nothing has been formalised.

I return my attention to my elongated left nipple, to admire it’s new look, flicking at it with my fingers and feeling echoing stabs of desire in my pussy.  Next I roll 2 tiny elastic bands onto the nipple pump before placing that over my right tit and pressing and squeezing to trap and suck on the nipple.  The tingling thrill is lovely, so I roll the first, larger band off the nozzle of the pump and onto my nipple, where it sits round it, binding it tightly into its elongated shape.  I take a couple of deep breaths, all these pressure and tightness sensations on my erogenous zones are taking their toll, then I proceed to roll the second band onto my teat.  It is smaller and therefore tighter and it feels like a burning hot pinch on my dragged out nipple.  For Big I smile at the webcam, release the nipple pump and lick my finger before teasing it round and round my rigid nipple and areola to make it shiny.  I repeat the process for my left nipple, groaning and biting my lip at the delicious ache the little bands create.  

I  decide to wear the bands while I am out and about on my dare mission, it will be rather wicked to have bullet nipples showing through my sweater, and when I take the rubber bands off at 4, the blood rush back into my nipples will be like molten lava!  There’s an agonizing treat to look forward to!

My phone sounds with Big’s notification and I reach out for it & read the screen.

Dress: choose panties with loose fabric, french knickers or tap pants to enjoy the sensitivity.  Wear a skirt (no longer than knee length) and boots – no tights or stockings.  Choose a tight sweater or top of jersey fabric to display your breasts.  Pack a mini-vibe or dildo in your handbag.

My phone sounds again.

Send me a picture of your pussy Carrie, I can’t wait to see the effects of my toy.

I smirk to myself, the dress code doesn’t seem too bad.  I always carried a vibrator in my bag anyway (don’t all girls?  Perhaps not!).  I release the suction on the pussy pump and ease the cup away from my o-so-swollen pussy!  I look like a porn star!  I hold the mirror nearby and run my fingers around those pillowy lips. Shit! just brushing past my clit I almost cum! I sigh with suppressed desire.  Kneeling up on the bed I position myself so that the webcam can get a very clear view of my engorged cunt before switching off the recording.  Even moving around in a gentle way to send the file to Big I’m hyper aware of the tender flesh of my engorged pussy and clit in their blood-filled state, it sends messages of desire and arousal to my core, reminiscent of when I’ve had a great orgasm but can tell, with a little more stimulation, I could cum again but bigger.

I hold my phone low down and take a pussy selfie (would we call this a pelfie?) and then send it, with a kiss and a heart emoji, to Big.  I step over to my wardrobe to dress according to my instructions, I’m feeling slightly spaced out with my high level of arousal.  What is Big doing to me?  (nothing that I don’t want!!)

[To be continued …]

8 thoughts on “Playing Dare with a Bad Girl (part 1 of 2)”

  1. VERY Impressive!

    Lots of kink, and wonderfully described too! You do a wonderful job of pulling the reader in and making it easy to visualize every moment of your erotic tale.

    Can't wait to read the next installment. 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness, I've often wondered about those things… This is a perfect story for me because it is solo play (in a fashion) and i can easily imagine doing everything even for my own arousal. Thanks Posy!
    Indie xx

  3. I think this story got to me so much because it reminds me of an online D/s relationship I had once. All via Skype and text. We never met in person, but it was one of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had.

  4. Fun read and sexy, Posy. I can tell the author must be writing from personal experience. Love the descriptions using the pussy pump, reminded me of the first time my cock was sucked up into the tube of a penis pump.

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