Dream Study … first dream

This story is a continuation, part 1 can be found here which explains that Madison is partaking in an unorthodox dream study to boost her student grant …


In her dream, she realised she must dance: everybody was watching her, gathered round with eyes fixed on her lithe, nude body. Somehow Madison was more supple than usual so she made moves which bent her body over backwards in a bridge, displaying her naked pudenda. She kicked her legs and pointed her toes, her straining leg muscles were beautiful examples of strength and tone. She happily spread her legs, executing kicks and twists to the rhythm she felt within.

It excited her to display herself, knowing that each lift and point of her lower limbs showed glimpses of the moist pink glory she normally kept hidden. She smoothed her hands over her pert breasts, in this dream both her nipples were pierced and a chain strung between them, swaying alluringly with her sinuous movements. She reached above her head, then towards the faceless audience, teasing them with the jiggles these movements created.

When the music changed tempo, becoming loud enough to feel in her chest, she began to dance towards the throne. The golden dias was occupied by a handsome man with swept back hair and a stern demeanour. Madison fixed her gaze on his draped loincloth and made the most voluptuous, suggestive moves, feeling that her life depended on causing the swelling in his groin to become visible.

Moisture was gathering at the junction between her own thighs. A throbbing built which inspired her to dance more lewdly, grinding and winding as she’d seen people dance in the clubs back home. As she bent sharply at the waist to tease him with a clear view of her swelling labia and the taut orbs of her butt, the young man rose from the throne, his cock visibly engorged, and clapped his hands for silence. The music stopped, the gathered courtiers faded away and Madison felt her body humming with anticipation.


To be continued …


This post was submitted as part of the Friday Flash meme – click the link to see who else is flashing! Also submitted for #ForThoughtsorFiction where the prompt is The Gaze

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